Win 5 steem!! - Day 1

Hi guys, good day. So I've been off from steem for a while now so I thought maybe, maybe I could just do something just to give back to the community.

So here's it. I'm gonna make it very simple. All you have to do is take a good picture of your environment everyday for five days and the best picture gets the nod!

So I've not decided the sharing formula yet. It could be winner takes it all or I can select 3 people at the end, it all depends on how competitive it turns out. So I'll just get down with the rules.


  • Take a picture of your environment everyday for five days. Please just upload the best one as I require only one.

  • Upvote and Resteem my daily photography post for at least 3 days to qualify for the contest.

  • Winner(s) will be selected at the end of the day.

  • Pictures could range from nature, wildlife, object or motion pictures. But let it be an outdoor picture and not blurry

  • Use #AkpansChallenge #contest and #Photography as tags so I can locate your entry quick and give upvotes too.

  • Writing a brief description of the picture will earn you additional points.

So that's it. Goodluck and let's have fun for the next five days.


Today I tried capturing this tree with the sky. It has a special effect when you capture it this way up and also shows great detailing on the branches. Think this can go for a wallpaper.


No laugh na e fit epp some. Support n resteem.

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