Help Me Sell Anime - Ask Your Questions About Anime and Akiba STEEM Will Hold Contests To Answer Them

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In case you don't know I'm a mod from the Akiba STEEM Anime community. If you are interested in anime, feel free to have a look around: Now we are a small community which @ejgarcia started and we are thinking of holding some competitions and making the #anime a more lively and worthwhile place. But looking at the tag I see that the interest is kind of limed. It's as if anime is a niche. But nothing stays the way they are without reason. There MUST be some real reasons behind the lack of interest and I'd like to test the waters and start some competition to make "Anime" a thing on the STEEM Blockchain.

Why You Should Watch Anime

Take some time to read the above post. If you are already a fan, the rest of the post might not be for you. If you are not a fan, I'd like to ask why? We should always come to our conclusions through understanding. No matter how great a LAMBO is, it's probably a nuisance if you are living in a place where the roads suck. So a Hummer or at least a good SUV would better serve you.

Being An Anime Salesman

That's what I'm doing here and to do that properly, I need to know the market better. I need to get your heads and help you with a Pandora's box of Holier than Hollywood entertainment that would stretch your mind and make Blade Runner look ordinary.

So it's time you ask me (and Akiba STEEM) why the hell you should even watch Anime. Let us sell this magnificent mode of edutainment for you. Ask us anything and everything and we'll monetize your content and reward those who ask.

The Plan

The idea is to figure out everything a potential fan would like to know and make competitions to answer those questions. Our competition posts will get upvotes and those who submit their contributions will be rewarded. Then we share these answers around and get people into watching anime and if I'd be really ambitious; to make the anime industry a bigger deal than Hollywood itself.

  • Please go all out and ask related question.
  • Use comparisons and analogies from other media.
  • Don't be afraid to offend but don't be rude.
  • Ask your questions as if you are making an important decision in your life like buying a new LAMBO.

A Dose of STEEM Basic Income

I haven't really discussed this with rest of the community. So this is still just a proposal. I want at least 50% of the rewards to be given in the form of SBI shares.

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

It's basically a subscription service for life that you just pay once. @steembasicincome will upvote your posts based on how much shares you own. This kind of rewarding encourage the contestants to be regular posters and bring value o the community. It'll also make eventually earn them more than 1 STEEM worth rewards per share in the long term. Additionally we could make an @akiba.steem community account and do the SBI sponsorship via the community account. Optionally SBI shares could be used as a way to reward active members/judges who will have to waive off any and all prizes from any competition held by Akiba STEEM creating good incentives for more prominent members to lay back and build community instead of competing with newbies. They'd still be able to post. But their contributions won't be counted for ranks or prizes.

Let Me Know What You Think

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I'm not the target audience of this post, and if anyone else is reading, I too am an anime fan. (And also on Akiba Steem)

I tend to believe that animation nowadays can be a country's powerful cultural export. Don't just look only at Japanese animation, look at animation around the world. Like language, animation opens you up to a whole new culture and a new set of ideas. Call me naive, but I think a lot of misunderstandings between countries can be ironed out through the medium.

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I am not quite sure I understand that.

You want people to ask questions about anime
and AkibaSteem to gather answers via contest?


Think of it like a market survey. Most people don't know much about anime. So we ask them what they need to know and what they want from anime. If people like good horror without jump scares, we give them that. If they like realistic detective stories, we give them that. If there is anything people like from Hollywood movies or TV, there is probably an anime that does just that but much better.

Then we can hold contests like: write about your favorite detective anime. Write about 2 villains that make Hannibal Lecter look mundane. Why anime does explosions better than Michael Bay. Write about anime that was ripped off by your favorite Hollywood movie etc.


...omg (instantly knew two anime villains who make Hannibal Lector look mundane and suddenly feels incredibly obsessed with manga)


If you try hard enough, you might be able to find twenty.


So strange that I don't think a jump from two to twenty is difficult. However, I also have the perseverance of a main anime heroine when it comes to altruistic tasks. Halfway though, I'll realize how difficult it was all along, then have a mid-series self-evaluation of my life goals, but raise myself up again with encouragement from my friends in the community to finally achieve my dreams!

What if I want to ask the important question: "Why did I ever get a LAMBO when I could've been buying manga this whole time and safely reading it on my couch?"


That can be turned into an excellent competition topic: "Why Should You Buy Manga Over A LAMBO"
Thanks for the suggestion!

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The resteem comes a bit late since I was out of commision, but why not? if non anime fans want to ask, we'll answer in style!, then again, don't ask me why, but many "normal" people kind of shun anime... well, I made a post trying to be a salesman too, more can never hurt in our attempt to show what we mean!