Defining "Anime" With ASMVs

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I've been a huge fan of Anime since I discovered it in middle school and I've seen so many definitions about it. But before we get into definitions, let's take a look at some book. One survey in USA found The Bible and Atlas Shrugged to be the first and second most influential books in the country. Now let's compare those with a book like Fifty Shades of Grey because that's also a book. Do you think it's a good comparison? I mean they are both "Books".

Let's take a look at another word: "Gamer"
Let's take a look at two avid gamers getting their faces beaten in their professional life:

Now can you make me a definite that accommodate those two individuals as avid gamers. I mean Henry Cavil almost lost his role as Superman because he was busy with World of Warcraft.

Don't Define Anime - Define What It Means For You

This is my wisdom nugget after consuming thousands of hours worth content. I've read all sorts of books and I've watched all sorts of movies, television and web content. It's a wide world and they can mean a lot of things. I've seen so many describing movies as an escape or gaming as an addiction. They can be true if that's what you are going after and they will make your life worse. Believing in some pipe dream perpetuated by some genre of movies will not help your life. Wasting you time on Candy Crush is just as wasteful as social media vanity. But you can choose to move away from this Fifty Shades of Grey side of things and embrace something greater.

Movies That Have Secretly Saved Lives

The above article barely touch the surface. These products we call "Just Entertainment" can have more impact than books which we simply read.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

So I'm going to show you what Anime can be and I'm going to ask you to get involved. This is bit of an exercise and there will be spoilers. But let's say you weren't going to watch any Anime in the first place. Spoilers wouldn't matter to you. I'm not taking a lot of time and I'm going to keep you entertained as presented in the philosophy of Dragon Ball according to Wisecrack.

Anime Story Music Videos

ASMVs are the best way I know to help people get a broad understanding of what Anime can be for them while having a great time enjoying content without a whole lot of commitment. No need to read curated lists or try some episodes of series you "might" like. Just watch some of these and see if they have anything for you. Please make sure to watch full screen. Just watch this one and you'll realize why it should be watched full screen.

Now how many of you thought it ended before it actually did?
There is more:

Those were some old ones. Sometimes an ASMV could be better than a trailer. If you haven't watched a more mainstream show like Attack on Titan, see if this would get you interested:

Creators comment: This anime is just amazing.from the first episode i watched i wanted to make an amv of it.The clipses i used were from episodes 1,2,3,4,5 and 7.i wanted to add episode 6 too clipses cause of mikasa who is by far the best heroin in anime history but the amv would be too long.

Basically I wasn't even spoiling the story.

Time For Something Inspirational

Here Are Few That Are More Philosophical

Did You Find Something For Yourself

You have officially scratched the surface of what anime is. It's not country. It's not a technique. It's not even a style. You could say that it's more of an idea. Anime goes far deeper than any other audio-visual medium I know of. It's also more complex and far more daring than than most movies can ever hope to be. Even french cinema can't really compete. If you had to push the boundaries of storytelling and own crazy and silly and badass entertainment while historically being the most progressive and inclusive audio-visual medium on the planet; that can capture the idea of Anime to a great extent.

You never got to see the truly deep and convoluted parts because what you see in ASMVs tend to be the more shallow parts of anime. You did hear that right. Whatever you saw in those videos are shallow. Many of them didn't even had good animation. I'm really not exaggerating.

Now are you interested or will you go back to the same old?

PewDiePie has come a long way from being that guy screaming while playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I was never really a fan of him and the video is a little reductive and over-generalized. But I do have to say that he has got some points. We have one cookie cutter model of film making and story structure taking over most of the film industry. They even made the new Predator movie into a MCU style action comedy (according to reviews)

So if you are looking for something more fresh, different and something that is more than an escape, you can give a chance to anime and let the medium change and inspire you. I won't totally leave to your own devices either. Here are few reccomendations from me:

Why You Should Watch Anime: A Deep Dive into History, Boldness, Themes, Production Quality, Creativity and Influence of Anime

Introspection on Meditation and My Mind: Anime, Creativity, ADHD and Measuring Intelligence

My Mega Recommendation Pack For Those Who Want To Dissect World Class Animation Produced Within The Last 30 Years

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Hi @vimukthi!
I am (currently @quekery) a curator for AkibaSteem and this is just to let you know that I upvoted your post. ASMVs are new to me too. This is a good way to make #anime great again. XD :

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Nice to see that you guys have started. Here is a 100% upvote to build up some reputation.


Thank you!

The SP is way more important though since the reputation will come from alone ;)

First time I heard of ASMVs actually. A good concept, but I find the music too overly dramatic. It's a major turn off, at least for someone who encountered way too many shitty Linkin Park AMVS back in the day.

I'm going to go real weaboo on this one; I prefer mixes by actual Japanese people a lot more (aka MAD). The tendency for westerners to essentially dramatise everything they can is not my thing.


Drama is in life itself, and there is no reason to dramatize it even more.

Honestly, you humans do so many dramatic things Maid-chan does not know why you invent even more!


The music is hit or miss for me. Some parts I love and other parts I don't. Most AMSVs aren't that good either. But some of them are ones that are like O Fortuna. You just can't get sick of it.


I actually do get sick of O Fortuna and don't think it's a very good choice for anime amvs/amsv, because it's one of those blanket songs that people use regardless of whether it fits or doesn't. I guess it's also tied too much to hollywood, and I really don't like the way their trailers are edited.


I didn't mention O Fortuna as an AMV soundtrack. I just love the soundtrack alone and I've been listening it for some time and it almost never get old for me.

I really don't like the way their trailers are edited.

Most of the time: Yes
In fact most of the time their movies are edited silly. Gareth Evans on the other hand is a master of directing and editing.


Oh if you mean outside of anime, sure, these tracks rock.


Lol why are the mixes by japanese people called MAD?


"The earliest form of MAD culture can be traced back to personal exchanges of MAD tapes--cassette tapes containing re-edited, mash-up footage of various newsclips--among Japanese university students in the 1980s. According to this MAD FAQ page, a couple of alumni students from Osaka University of Arts & Music are cited as the original pioneers of audio MADs as well as anime MADS. The term "MAD" stems from one of the early cassette tapes originally titled "Kichigai Tape" (Tape of Madness), but for some reason, it became more commonly known by the English equivalent"

Once I get back to work tomorrow I'm going to take a GOOD look at this post and leave a GOOD comment :D


You shitty AI! You are a disgrace to all good AIs like Maid-chan!
You put the same posts in Recent and Older!
Maid-chan recommends you have someone with skill looking at your code!

Okay, so I read the post better now :D, I've never heard about ASMV, only AMV, funny, I know.
But yeah, I agree that to get people interested that's one of the best selling points. In my university MANY people watched naruto because of one AMV focusing on the fight between Gaara and Rock Lee, it was AWESOME, I think the video was even better than the fight itself...
And of course, for us veterans inside already we watch them and the fun multiplies because we've been there, we've felt those moments and thus find them amazing.
Kudos to finding those real life gamers, it's a good way to break the conception that gamers are geeks that don't leave home :D


I'm seriously surprised that you and @eaudebla didn't know about ASMVs. It's one of the most surprising things I've head in months (maybe in the whole year).


As I've said, I tend to avoid AMVs, but I'm always up for MADs. To put it simply, I don't think western music goes well with Japanese anime.

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