And we ride on .....

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The BBCh team time trial was the next event that I got to. It was nice to see riders going in teams of two's and three's. The winner was the second rider from the team, so it was a great incentive for the riders to encourage and push each other.

The race started off in pouring rain. My shoot here was from under an umbrella but the riders had a wet and dirty(water) race. Fortunately the finish was rain-free and thanks to a water tanker the riders managed to clean up before leaving for home.

I made a video on the 5 cycle essentials next. These were the 5 items that I think should be on every cycle.

The next video was an event coverage - the BBCh Criterium Race 2.

Once again being in a closed space, the riders could ride hard and not worry about traffic.

I followed this up with some basic cycling exercises - core strengthening. These exercises can help a cyclist get better.

My video making skills were tested in this as I used a DSLR for the first time, and the settings were all wrong!!
I had to use my editing skills (YouTube tutorials) to get it right.

This was when LoopLube reached out to me. I offered to review their products and they were quite excited about it - as excited as I was!!
They shipped out a box to me and I made 2 videos with it - first being an unboxing and second the actual application.

Now a couple of shoutouts to the cycling community here for their support!!