Introducing AirSwap: One Of The Best Feeless Cryptocurrency Exchange Part 1

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Cryptocurrency remains a talking point in the media and our generation. While some people are still contemplating whether to adopt it or not, others are making a fortune off the trading aspect of it. I always feel privileged to be alive in this era. Cryptocurrency has come to stay, and its advantages overweigh its disadvantages. There are different ways to make money from cryptocurrency and one of them is the trading aspect of it. Others include participating in airdrops, a process where free tokens are given in exchange for some task accomplishment.
Just like the typical day to day trading, cryptocurrency trading involves the buying and selling of different cryptocurrencies. This is made possible due to the fluctuating nature of most cryptocurrencies. Traders buy at a lower price and sell when they feel comfortable, even though some of them run into emergencies that might require them to sell off at an uncomfortable rate.

To successfully trade any cryptocurrency, there must be a willing buyer and also a willing seller of the said cryptocurrency. Having just the buyer and seller is not enough due to the trust issues that the world is facing. Nobody will agree first to send their money or token to a total stranger. This brought the need for a third party that will be willing and able to act as an escrow in any given transaction. A reputable escrow wins the confidence of the traders and assures each trader of the safety of their money. The escrow thereby creates the enabling environment for trades to take place without fear of being scammed.

Involving a third party secures your fund but comes with an extra cost. Most escrow charges an additional fee for each transaction carried out on their platform. In cryptocurrency, most of these escrows are commonly known as an exchange.

This post will be looking at a platform that enables its users to exchange their cryptocurrencies in a secure and feeless environment comfortably.

This platform is known as AirSwap.

What is AirSwap?

I may define AirSwap as a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange platform that exists on the Ethereum Blockchain which enables users to exchange their cryptocurrencies through their wallet thereby eliminating the tedious process of depositing the tokens to a central exchange wallet.
This implemented protocol restores trust and peace of mind to traders because they know that no exchange hack can affect them.
Unlike other exchanges, AirSwap supports a large variety of various tokens and remains feeless in its transactions.

Features and Components of AirSwap

Below are some features that attracted me to AirSwap.

Hundred percent free

I know you may be thinking about the possibility of enjoying the premium services of such a unique exchange for free. It's real, AirSwap offers all their trading services for free. All you need to do is to navigate to your desired token and either buy or sell. You can decide to either buy it with the available mode of payment or swap from your existing cryptocurrency.
Special thanks to this our secured escrow for not charging us. That has increased my trading profit.

No Sign Up Needed

A lot of us naturally don't like excess stress. Some of the exchanges have a long stressful process to go through before you can use their services. That is not the same as AirSwap. All you need to do is visit the site and head over to their token exchange tool, connect your wallet, and you are good to go. It's one of the most straightforward exchanges that I've come across.


AirSwap official site ranks AirSwap as the Safest Ethereum Decentralized Exchange. That alone gives users the needed assurance that their transactions are safe. Also, recall that AirSwap does require you to deposit your funds with them before you can trade. They made it possible for you to trade with your wallet. Your security seems guaranteed.

Simple User Interface

They have a simple user interface that enables users to navigate and engage with the platform easily.
They also provide useful tools that enable new traders to learn more about the platform quickly.
The buttons are well placed for easy identification and usage.

Other features

They provide over the counter (OTC) services
They provide tools for dApp development.
They provide a lot of tokens for users to trade.


This is just part one of this series. The concluding part will carry some basic tutorial, my experience so far and the associated terms.
Head over to their social media handle and follow them. AirSwap is simply amazing.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are entirely my view and do not reflect the mind or view of anyone else.


I wrote this post and all its contents based on my experience, research, knowledge, and personal use of the AirSwap platform.
Most images are from my usage screenshots, and I provided links to all external images where applicable.

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