Dude do you have any bullets - fund raising War ( airsoft game )

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This Sunday my team The Bad Samaritan is organizing airsoft game to raise fund for one little guy .
Check it down bellow .


Luka Matic is a pupil of the sixth grade of the Sinj Primary School of Marka Marulić.
Although he knows he will never be like his classmates and others stand alone on his own, this thirteen-year-old boy is a loving spirit, yet he loves life and looks forward to every new day.
Luka was born with a spinal disc, with the diagnosis of "spina bifida", and that it would function at all needed special orthopedic aids, ortoes, which are not produced in Croatia. Therefore, the Port of the Sea, like so many other children from Croatia, to Germany.
And it costs far more than its financially exhausted family can accomplish.

Costs for orthoses

For this reason, the City Sinj, in cooperation with Marka Marulić, organized an action to raise funds for the financing of Luke Matic in clinics in Aschau near Muenchen. Luka would, if it needed to collect the necessary one hundred thousand thousand Croatian kuna's, should be June 19, immediately after the school year.
For this it is necessary to subscribe for 12,850 euros, and it is also necessary to have the minimum cost of Luka's parents who will drive him to Ashau.
Luke is the fourth youngest child in the Milenka family and Ante Matić from the Sinj settlement Čitluk. Born on January 3, 2005. Immediately he was diagnosed with deformation that is known to be incurable.

  • The doctors gave us hope that Luka with the help of orthopedic aids could still walk alone. In Split, we had two nurses on two occasions, but they did not allow Luke to make a first step with them. It only came as a five year old, in 2010, when we first went to a special orthopedic clinic in Ashau.
    There, Luka made subcontracting orthoses with which he walked with the help of the walker. Two years later, in the same clinic, Luka also received a nose-throated orthosis that, along with the undercover, was worn at night while he was asleep.
    Because of the knee contracture in September 2015, Luke installed steel tiles in Ashau, which allowed him to walk alone and in the flat with the aid of the orthoses and walkers.
    As Luke develops and grows, his orbits become too small. That is why he has to return to Germany on June 19th, he should be in the clinic - says Milenka, who is spending most of the day with Lukas and given the status of a caretaker.

Marvelous and brave

Another woman is particularly connected and spending a lot of time with Luke. This is Kristijan Koprčina, who is a Physiotherapist, who is already a third year Luka's assistant in teaching.
"Luka is an incredibly clear child, very hard-working, brave and loving. We have established a relationship so that in the given circumstances we draw the maximum out of each other. I notice that he especially loves basketball. He carries a lot of time on the playground, shoots on the basket and is very successful.
He is aware of his limitations, but despite the handicap, he radiates brightly. We sincerely hope that the necessary money will be collected for Luka to receive an orthosis without which he simply can not - says Kristijan.
In the first five classes, Luka finished with great success. Milenka and Kristijan told him that this year was a little relaxed. They attribute Luka's increased interest to girls.

  • It's not. I'll fix it. I just relaxed a little. I hope I get new ortoes, and then everything will be better. I know I will never walk like healthy children in my life, but I can walk with a walker if I have an orthosis. Therefore, all good people please help and in advance thank them - says Luka.

His geography teacher is the initiator of this action and contact.
he will collect the money.
If you find yourself in the vicinity of the terrain where we are playing, please come and meet us. Meet airsoft and if you want to give your financial contribution. Even if only two kuna's are given, that is a progress.


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