7 strange facts you do not know about airplanes

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The planes have changed a lot since the days of the Wright Brothers. The first airplanes were made of wood and cloth and are currently used in making materials that are difficult to write without reference to scientific reference, and aviation technology has become widely recognized by specialized scholars who spend their lives developing it. In this article we will remind you of seven strange facts Find out about airplanes.

            The aircraft are designed to withstand lightning

The planes are designed to withstand lightning strikes. This happens very much. Every aircraft is exposed at least once every 1000 hours of lightning flight. No plane has been struck by lightning since 1963. The energy is passing through the plane and does not hurt it as before.

            There is no safer seat than the rest on the plane

Some insist that seats are safer than the rest on airplanes, but a study of aircraft accidents found that the middle seats at the rear of the plane attributed the death of their occupants less in accidents, and other studies confirmed that passengers on the last part of the plane were about to die 32 In aviation accidents while in the middle by 39% and by 38% at the beginning of the aircraft.

As we can see, there is no significant difference between the safety ratios in aircraft and can not determine which seat is the safest in the case of aircraft accidents.

            Some aircraft have secret bedrooms for the crew

On board long flights, the crew can work for sixteen hours to protect them from exhaustion. Some aircraft, such as the Boeing 777 and 787, have small bedrooms so the crew can have some rest. These rooms can be accessed through a subtle entrance. For ten beds and a bathroom.

          You do not need a plane for both of its engines to fly

The idea that one of the two engines stops working in the middle of the flight is very frightening, but all commercial aircraft can fly safely with one engine, in which case fuel efficiency is less efficient.

Aircraft are designed and tested to fly with a single engine, especially those that travel long distances across the ocean. The Boeing Dreamliner has been tested to fly five and a half hours with one engine. In fact, most aircraft can fly long distances without any engine at all. 

          Why there is a place to extinguish cigarettes in bathrooms

Smoking has been on board for many years, but travelers will find places to extinguish cigarettes in the bathrooms. The reason for this is that the aircraft manufacturers know that some travelers may ignore the signs of smoking and will ignite a cigarette and most likely will do so in the bathroom away from the eyes of others. They put a safe place for them to extinguish cigarettes without causing great damage such as setting fires.

           Why the plane light is down during the landing process

When the plane lands at night, the light of the internal plane becomes faintly faint. What is the reason? The reason is that in the event of problems during the landing and forcing passengers to evacuate the plane in that case, their eyes are accustomed to the weak light, said the commander of an aircraft on the reverse situation "Imagine being in a room lit with strong light and then asked you to leave quickly in the dark!

For the same reason, travelers are required to open windows during landing so that they can monitor the landing outside, understand emergency situations if they occur and act quickly upon evacuation.

          The aircraft wheels can be used for 500 times before changing them

The aircraft wheels are designed to withstand a very heavy weight, about 38 tons, and can hit the ground at 170 miles per hour, and contain air pressure six times the pressure of air in the tires.


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Scariest flight I ever had was on a Russian plane in Cuba. We had just taken off when what looked like smoke seemed to be filling the cabin, but no one looked worried. Some nuns were saying their rosaries and crossing themselves, even so. In the end I pointed out the smokey stuff to the steward and they said it was 'normal.' Condensation, I believe. But it was a scary few minutes for me, I can tell you!