Climate change

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As the earth rotates, the climate also changes. The earth is a special planet, close enough to the sun to receive energy but also far enough away from the sun to avoid being scorched. The earth's climate is driven by a continous flow of energy from the sun, passes through the earth atmosphere and warms the earth's surface. As the temperature increases, the earth sends heat energy i.e infrared radiation back into the atmosphere. Some of this heat is absorbed by gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon-IV-oxide, watervapour, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and halocarbons. The earth lies within the Goldilocks zone wrapped in a layer of green house gases. This layer acts like a blanket, keeping the earth warm and shielding it from the cold of universe.

Carbon (IV) oxide is one of the most potent green house gases and nevertheless the main driver of the green house effect, CO2 is the most significant of the gases in our atmosphere which keeps the earth warm.
When fossil fuels e.g coal, oil and natural gas are burnt, they release carbon (IV) oxide into the atmosphere; the layer of greenhouse gas gets thicker, which in turn makes the planet earth warmer resulting into global warming.

The ongoing unlimited burning of fossil fuels is one of the causes of climate change. In order to satisfy our endless hunger for energy, we are burning unlimited quantities of coal, oil and natural gas. The average coal-fired power plant waste twice as much energy heating up the planet as it converts to useful electricity. When the true cost of coal is taken into account and attendant high climate polluting capacity, renewable energy begins to look by far the best option. Carbon (IV) oxide can be harmless enough when dissolved in a drink, it add sparkles to it. However, when excess amount are released into the atmosphere, it can cause untold damage.

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