Good day great people.
Its a chilly evening here in Ilorin, capital of kwara state Nigeria. And my day was not too eventful, i was in a dialogue with a colleague and we talking about how immature some people are in our workplace.
Then it hit me, why not wrote about this to your lovely readers? Now am in.
Advance English dictionary: app edition describes maturity as noun (plural maturities)

  1. The state of being mature, ready or ripe

  2. When bodily growth has completed and/or reproduction can begin
    ''The entire tank of guppies was in their maturity and ready to mate.

  3. Countable finance Date when payment is due.

But I don't quite agree, wanna know why?

 **Read on**

Take this scenario,
you have a daughter whom you toil to take care of and sends to school. Now she came home pregnant at the end of the semester, what will you do?
I know all hands will be pointing at the girl for "exposing" herself to irresponsible behaviors which might've lead to the pregnancy. But how will you, as the parent react? That's where MATURITY plays a crucial role.


Let's take another scenario : you're walking down a busy street on a Monday morning, late for an appointment and someone suddenly soils your crisply creased shirt with coffee, how'd you react?

          We're getting there.

Maturity to me is not about age at all, a lot of people attributes age to being matured NO!!
This is not 100% accurate in all cases, you'll be amazed and disappointed when an elderly does something outrageously stupid and you start to wonder where the maturity is.

Age is no criteria of being matured. Maturity is a state of mind, its a certain level of understanding that no one will help you attain if you don't want to.
Maturity is when you understand the next man can do something stupid all of a sudden and you have to understand he has to because that's life.

Maturity is when nothing annoys you anymore, its when you know things might not work out as planned and you don't loose that enthusiasm.

The way you see things at this level is awesome because you are happy with anything that happens even if its not what you wanted and you keep pushing till you get what you want.
Education plays a crucial role in being matured (I didn't mention academics here, what we learn in school is purely academics) what we see, what we say, the people we interact with, the books we read (not necessarily the ones on school) all makes us more matured in a good sense.
The security man across the street who never attended a formal school or any kind of education might be more matured than the Professor he's guarding. Its not what is written on a certificate or the status of an individual but what is in the mind.
The human mind is so strong and special, if properly pricked or stimulated can and will be a strong defence pr or attack line for whoever possesses it. The mind is all that drives a man. It is all i've been trying to convey to you.

Educate your mind, feed your thinking capabilities, be gentle to people, avoid baseless arguments, don't involve yourself in talks that ain't productive or helpful. Meet people, mix with people, try to put yourself in their shoes before judging. Be emphatic towards people and situations. Then you'll be happier and more considerate. *

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Have a good day

@senseibabs Dec 2017


Indeed maturity is not the size of the chest but the ability to endure and handle responsibility.
Good post you got here I come back to give you an update when my sp is 💯%

Thank you sir

True maturity is the ability accept responsibility. It is the willingness to delay gratification for a better future.

I couldn't agree more

I really agree with this. I don't have an actual degree to my name but I worked in a degree level job. Maturity got me there ;)

Exactly! @raymondspeaks . Thank you for stopping by

Maturity is to handle every situtation positively✌

Without loosing enthusiasm. Thanks for stopping by

Yaa ..👍👍

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