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Hi everyone! Been a while posted here, i was down for a bit but i got myself up now. I had help from reading great books and motivational stories. So i thought, if these could help me, it could help someone else too. So i will be posting daily motivational and inspirational qoutes on here from now on. Who knows, it might come in handy one day lol!
Stay safe people!


Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself
No one is above you,

No one is below you.

We all are running through space at our own time.

The fact that someone is doing better than you presently shouldn't make you fell less of a person. We all are created differently, to live life differently, to grow differently and to die differently.
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Time they say will tell.

Stop belittling yourself. Believe in your dreams

You are meant to be great. You are meant to be great. You are meant to be great.
Say this to yourself everyday and believe. You will be great.
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As for me, you need to find yourself so that you can create a new you. I strongly agree with you on this tho sometimes I belittle myself. Thankfully I have ways to motivate and encourage myself.
Thank you for sharing this!

We all get down. We all need to be picked up from time to time. Motivational posts are a fantastic way of keeping ourselves right, while giving back some of that help we had to get back up. Cheers! 😊

Yes! Thanks for stopping by

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