The mind , Soul and no body

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So there are a some things that make us humans and one of a kind beings that is different from the next person.

The body , the heart and the soul...

Now were gonna be focusing on two things which are the heart and the soul

U see...this two tends to work together and sometimes against each other "BUT" there is always a line that the mind and spirit have that they never cross...if u get this part let me know

Let's pick u for example : #e.g : There is a part of u that thinks u are "SUPPOSED" to do things like a certain way cos it is the "NORM" while there is another part of u that feels or tells ur mind that it is not supposed to be.

If u listen to u "BEING" well enough there is always a part of u that "SCREAMS" at ur mind every time u are crossing the aforementioned "LINE".

The screaming part of is usually the "SPIRIT" trying to call the mind to check and telling the person not to lose one's self.

Now ur true self is what makes u unique and even though everyone is a potential psychopath the moment that SPIRIT is silent people start to think they are broken and they need a miracle because all that is left are 2things out of 3, which are : the body (desire) and the heart (mind).

In conclusion... My point is the fact that u are trying to silence one of the elements that make u who u truly are is u going against ur true self and when this is done going back may be difficult BUT u may never be the same cos ... Imagination dies and innovation follows suite and u become a "ZOMBIE" and u hear ur self echo the same thing a lot of people say ...

Whereas innovation created the modern world

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