House Panda Airdrop

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unnamed.jpgHOUSE PANDA - share in 250,000 HPT - 4.2 / 5 (100%)
First ICO from a startup incubated by NVIDIA, world leader in AI supercomputers and cryptocurrency mining. With PASCAL and TESLA, they will build the world's first RE supercomputer, search engine and robo-advisor. Expected to become No. 17 - No. 3 most powerful supercomputer in the world. Users will be able to use HPT to purchase subscriptions to the supercomputer, search engine and robo-advisor. And HPT holders will earn up to 50% of cryptocurrency mining income of the supercomputer, paid monthly.

  1. Click here to start the Telegram Bot

  2. Click on /start and on "Claim your tokens". You're being forwarded to the House Panda Telegram Group.

  3. Join this group and type /claim in the official Telegram group.

  4. Go back to the Bot and type /refer for your referral link AND /start to receive your claim code. KEEP THIS CODE IN A SAFE PLACE.

  5. Follow their Twitter

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