CoTrader Airdrop 5000 Tokens

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CoTrader (COT)

CoTrade is a super-DEX hybrid exchange tokenization infrastructure and anonymizable smart funds protocol. CoTrader solves the problem of investment management, and aims to become the world's largest investment funds marketplace by democratizing $85 trillion global funds industry.

As a transparent investment funds marketplace operating on the blockchain, CoTrader helps investors in many ways. It gives them a proven return on investment (ROI), privacy, security, asset control and complete liquidity. As an investor, you will find the marketplace ideal since it supports derivatives, shorts, all tradable assets, stocks, ICOs, and crypto.

Earn 5000 Tokens for both signing up as well as 2500 each referral


  • Open Telegram Bot- Answer to Questions: A. CoTrader B. Democratize Fund Management
  • Join Telegram
  • Join Telegram Announcement
  • Enter email
  • Complete other social media tasks
  • Provide ETH address
  • Refer for additional tokens

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