Initiative Q Airdrop Not A Pyramid Scheme - Super Easy To Sign Up And Get FREE Tokens

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Have you heard about Initiative Q?

I heard about it yesterday in a post by my friend @wizardave. It is basically an airdrop to early adopters who sign up. You get more if you invite and verify others.

Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have a limited number of invites. My personal invite link:

Initiative Q will succeed only if many people join. The more people invite their friends, the greater the likelihood of reaching the goal of each Q being worth around one US dollar.

It was super easy to sign up and invite others. @wizardave already verified my account.

They say the reward for each person could be worth $140,000. It was so easy I figured it was worth a try.


The target is $1 per token so my current balance could be worth over $14k.

I did a little research and found an article that is critical of the project. The author of the article states that it is a pyramid scheme but I disagree because nobody has to pay anything. It is free for everybody that joins. The idea reminds me a lot of what Daniel Larimer and Ned Scott originally set out to do with Steem.

Here is the article Be sure to read the response by Ben from the Initiative Q team in the comments section.

Here is the Initiative Q website:

Here is my invite link again:

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Okay. So, they're airdopping these, but you don't have to pay for them. They seem to be giving a massive amount of them away. Just what is going to cause the price to get to even $1? My guess is that once the airdrop is over, they're going to start trading? And since it's also a payment network, there's going to be revenue from that?

I guess I could follow the link and read what it says. I'm just hoping you know how this is supposed to work. :)


They are supposed to start trading limited amounts and only releasing enough coins to keep it at $1 always. Something like that.

Here's a quote from Ben's reply to the article:

Qs will be released for trade gradually, so they constantly stay at roughly $1 per Q. This prevents flooding in the early days of the system, and promotes trust in the long-term stability of the currency.
In other words: It’s not that Q will start at say $0.01, but that they’ll be $1, and only 1% can be spent.
We expect all Qs to be released (while maintaining the $1 rate) once Q becomes a leading global payment network.


Interesting. So, instead of the price of it fluctuating up and down, you control the flow rate. I don't know anything about how this works, but I like the idea. Now, how does it get to the $1. Someone says, "This is worth a $1" and it just is? Or I guess, someone says it's a $1 and the rest of us agree with it.

I like the idea of an instant $14,000, too. :) Okay, I'm thinking more about this. How much time do I have?

And then, I guess by having only 1% of them being able to be spent, does that mean 1% of the total that will be out there, the total amount that will ever be out there, or 1% of your own amount?

Okay, so apparently there's going to be a lot more of these Qs if they're only releasing a few (and so far I've been seeing 14,000 a pop) now and the rest after global dominance is complete. Okay, that part about global dominance, that's my interpretation. :)


My invitation link is apparently good for another 80 hours or so.

I got it yesterday as well and it was super easy as well ,just needed few minutes ;)

is it really work

Well, so far there is no risk involved so why not? Signed up but need an approval I suppose...


Are you piotr?


Verified. Thanks for joining!


Got it. Thx.