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Hello steemians,
I have received a lot of requests and questions over the past few weeks about various questions on how yearly quarters affect airdrop campaigns as well as acknowledging the fact that a lot of people have been known to either quit participating in airdrops or lose interest in the activity probably because they don't understand how yearly quarters affect the Crypto space


To give newcomers a better understanding of the topic of discussion today,I will strongly advise them to check this my post on airdrops,ico and ethereum wallets.....after having an understanding of that let's move on to simplifying what yearly quarters are and how they affect the airdrops and the crypto space in general!

What is a yearly quarter
As we all know,a year consists of 12 months....a yearly quarter is every interval of 3 months in a year starting from simpler terms,we can illustrate that:
•••••• ••••••• •••••• ••••••
January -- March = Q1
April -- June = Q2
July -- September = Q3
October -- December Q4
•••••• ••••••• ••••••• •••••••••

In a normal case scenario,all these quarterly durations are tied to a set of tasks/activities which are to be accomplished within the quarter period....this phenomenon is however also similar to Crypto projects as illustrated below
••••••• •••••• •••••••


Q3 = ICO

••••••• •••••• •••••••

This analysis is just a general overview of how a regular project organizes it's operations in its first year and not a standard procedure,crypto currency projects might strategically decide to position various activities at specific times/quarters they think it's favourable for them to do so.

But you can use these quarters to determine when you are going to reap profits from an airdrop is an example:lets assume you apply for an airdrop in Q2,this simply means you should be expecting to receive your coins in Q4/Q1 in the next year or as the case might be.

A lot of people participate in airdrops and expect to receive the airdropped coins immediately after and make profit from them.....this is a very wrong mindset to have,the right thing to do is look at the roadmap and check for quarters where profit can be made and wait patiently in anticipation of that time.

It's also important to note that if you want to keep on reaping profits all year with airdrops,then you have to fill airdrops for at least 3 quarters and continue to participate so as to get passive cummulative profits

Lastly I advise every airdropper to focus on legit and potential projects which launch airdrop campaigns in order to maximise their chances of making profit


Thanks to everyone for reading through....if you have any comments,contributions or constructive criticism....kindly drop it down below.Till the next time we meet, I remain my humble self @amec


Daddy,you've succeeded in motivating me for airdrops again,ill still carry on from where i stopped..😂😂😂

Hahaha...bby she is kidding😂😂😂😂

It not a she o

Thanks for compiling this ✌💨

Well done bro
Keep up the good work 😀

Tnx dear😊

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omo MI😘....daddy misses you too😊....hope ya good

Lastly I advise every airdropper to focus on legit and potential projects which launch airdrop campaigns in order to maximise their chances of making profit

How do we recognize them? And if you dont mind guve examples...

Check for some really good airdrops and bounties as well....also keep track of them and monitor their overall progress

I miss u boo

I over miss u baby... Hope you are good😘

This is motivational. I've given up on airdrop already as I understand nothing about it. Thanks dear @amec

Tnx a lot for stopping by dear

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