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images (5)~2.jpegIn the first week of October we will publish airdrop results in the Incognito Chain group

Incognito is almost here After 14 months of solid building, we’re happy to announce that the mainnet launch will go live in October 2019.

To celebrate the chain coming to life, the core team will distribute 500,000 PRV tokens to early adopters, contributors, and validators.

Incognito is nothing without the people we built it for, and we’re so excited for you to own your own special piece of the network. To claim your tokens, help us build the community, or help us build the chain. Or both :)

Build the community

Earn up to 33 USD (in PRV)* for joining the conversation:
Earn up to 33 USD (in PRV)* for joining the conversation:

Launch the Incognito telegram bot
(please do this first – our helpful bot will make sure you receive your rewards for all actions completed)
Join our Telegram

Spread the word and earn an additional 5 USD per friend (in PRV)*:

Share your unique referral link
Earn 5 USD every time a friend completes steps 1 to 5

  • USD value based on the initial PRV exchange rate. All rewards will be distributed within 10 working days of the first exchange listing.

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