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This token is already traded on the stock exchanges, the price on today is $ 0,121941.
How to get tokens?

  1. Go to page Airdrop
  2. Click register (SIGN UP)
  3. Enter Email, password twice, solve the captcha and press "submit"
  4. Confirm registration by mail in the letter and authorize on the site
  5. First you need to specify your ETH address. To do this, click on the mail in the upper right corner, then “Withdrawal” - “Edit” - insert the address - “Save”.
  6. Go to linking accounts. In the top panel there are three icons (github, twitter, reddit). Click in turn and log in each. The icons will turn blue.
  7. Go to the tasks.

The withdrawal of tokens is available 30 days after receiving them. This means that if you have earned 1 ELF today, you can withdraw it to your wallet in exactly 30 days.


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