Free airdrop checker. Check your wallets for airdrops and retrodrops

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We have created a new free tool with which you can check your wallet for airdrops and retrodrops due to you from different projects, on different networks. Enter Solana or any EVM address and check eligibility!

1️⃣ Just enter your wallet address and click Check!

2️⃣ You will see all the airdrops and retrodrops you can qualify for. Click Claim and collect them.

Airdrop checker:

Supported networks:
Solana, Optimism, Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism, Mantle, StarkNet, Base.

We will constantly improve the service, add new features and supported networks. Now no airdrop will pass you by.

Airdrop checker:
Telegram channel:

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