SteemHunt Airdrop For All Steemians End On 13th Sep. - Have You Claimed Your FREE HUNT Tokens Yet?

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@steemhunt is a new Dapp based on the Steem blockchain that rewards users for providing reviews of new products - you earn HUNT tokens, a Smart Media Token based on Steem...

steem hunt

You can learn more about Steemhunt at their website here. One thing to bare in mind is that they actually only accept reviews of tech products, but this is not made clear on their website at all. (Or at least that is what I was told a few weeks ago when I submitted a non tech review).

The website is currently functional and in it's infancy, but they are launching their HUNT tokens in advance of the launch of SMTs in early 2019 with an ERC20 Token that you can claim now!

Anyone with Steem Power can log in to and navigate to the wallet page - then click 'SP CLAIM' to receive HUNT tokens at a 1:1 ratio in relation to their Steem Power holding! That's right, if you have Steem Power, you will get free HUNT tokens, but you need to get in quickly as the airdrop ends in 3 days!

The Steemhunt Airdrop Manual is here.

You can also earn referral bonuses and other HUNT token bonuses once the project launches more completely in the near future.

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According to the airdrop manual you need 10 000 hunt tokens to transfer the tokens to your ERC-20 wallet so people with less than 10 thousand SP better start earning some hunt tokens


Aha, ok - I missed that, thanks.They have a lot of tokens offered for referrals and other bonuses - so at least some Steemians will reach that target! :/

Thanks for making us aware about this free hunt token from steemhunt, I was not aware about this free giveaway tokens before and I will certainly claim mine right away . I hope this project will be successful on the long run

I dont have so much SP, received 0.10 hunt only, whateva... thanks for this valuable share