Not just for Monday’s SPOT airdrop: Why you want QLC tokens anyway

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This coming Monday, May 21st, 2018, at 18:00 (GMT+4), Spotcoin will open registration for our second of four planned airdrops of 100,000 SPOT tokens to those who hold at least 1,000 QLC tokens. Register on if you hold QLC tokens. Or make sure you do so before then! Our first airdrop, earlier this week, was over within a day, so make sure you’re on time.

Now, for those who don’t know QLC Chain, let’s take a closer look.

What does QLC Chain do?

QLC Chain is the next generation public blockchain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service. What does that mean? QLC Chain intriguingly allows people to become a mobile network provider, on a small scale. They had a great insight: with 2.3 billion people using mobile networks, there are problems worth solving. Like Spotcoin is making digital currencies work for everyone, QLC Chain’s mission is to bring people online in a simpler, more pleasant, and more secure way with full transparency. Both Spotcoin and QLC Chain have visions of giving access to the masses.

Just rebranded from Qlink to QLC Chain

This week has been an exciting one for QLC Chain, since it changed its name from Qlink to QLC Chain. By adopting the new name and new logo, QLC Chain wants to deliver a clearer message. Put simply, the team’s core mission is to apply the advanced blockchain technology to the network industry. The technical yellow paper will be released soon, the company says.

What do you need to do to participate in the SPOT airdrop?

  1. Join our Telegram group

  2. Go to and register or login to your account.

  3. Starting on Monday, May 21st, at 6pm (GMT+4), login then fill out the Spotcoin airdrop pop-up with your Telegram name and the NEO address where you hold your QLC Chain (QLC) tokens.

Your SPOT will be delivered to the same NEO address once we’ve completed our post-ICO third-party audit.

Don’t miss it!

Like we said, the previous airdrop was over before you can say “decentralized ledger technology,” so make sure you are ready to go when registration opens on Monday.

Interested in more Spotcoin?

Join our Telegram community: Spotcoin Team, Spotcoin News, and Spotcoin Bounty.

Take a look at our complete ICO offering here.

Read our Whitepaper here, for more details.

Visit, where we make digital currencies work for everyone.

Residents and citizens of the United States are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT Airdrop and the SPOT public sale. Residents and citizens of China and South Korea are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT public sales. However, certified accredited U.S. investors can take part in the SPOT private sale. Chinese and South Korean investors can participate in the private sale when paying with digital currencies, after signing the SAFT form and completing the KYC /AML process. Any investment in digital currencies comes at a risk. No one should invest money that he or she can’t afford to lose.

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I am a holder of QLC, and i think 100k spot is a really nice airdrop! Thanks to give us free tokens, as qlc holders!

Another great Airdrop from Spotcoin parenting up with QLC!
Is awesome to see such good partnerships and growing communities inside of NEO network!

QLC Chain is a public next-generation block-chain for a decentralized network as a service. What does it mean? QLC Chain intrigues, allows people to become a mobile network provider on a small scale. They had a great understanding: with 2.3 billion people using mobile networks, there are problems that need to be addressed. Friends are actually a great idea! And these companies for a long time have been the first of confidence! Be connected, all very much I advise.

It's not just an airdrop, it's also a promotional campaign for introduce tokens in the NEO community. You're doing a great job. Congratulations.

Spotcoin is not just another airdrop. This is a valuable project that deserves your attention.

Read their whitepaper and join their telegram to witness first hand the difference between Spotcoin and other ICO's. Do not just join the airdrop and leave or you will regret it later. Not seeing the true benefits of Spotcoin will be a massive regret later on.

Best On The Best In Spotcoin The Best To The Best Neo Tech

This is a very innovative airdrop, it's both promoting qlc and spotcoin at the same time.. I still got time to participate in this wonderful campaign.

Sold out within 2 hours! Super fast and this is showing a interest of the spotcoin community. All the best team spotcoin !

Great exposure for NEO and for Spot, and of course #QLC Chain. If you weren't aware, Qlink (rebranded to QLC Chain) is the first decentralized mobile network in the world! That's quite something! Good luck with the airdrop everyone! Another smash hit from team Spot!


Haha he played a fast one on you


i can't believe that someone would do that. what is the intention of copying someone else's comment? haha


I have no idea! Never seen someone do that before.

Hey hey :) if you or you missed an Airdrop, look at this list. There are some extremely top potential candidates! ;-)

Wonderful news to the QLC token holders by the "best" Spotcoin team. Both partnering on NEO’s NEP-5 will be a big hit in the market on both coins. Spotcoin

This is very different way of doing airdrop. May be I am seeing this for the first time. I have seen projects airdrops for holding another tokens. Not series of tokens. This way, most probably everybody gets their free SPOTs.


exactly. this is also the first kind of airdrop that i have experienced. it's completely different than the previous ones i've had. and i think the main reason is to build a strong community between spotcoin and QLC, RPX, EFX and SWTH.

#QLC Chain's plan is pretty amazing and worthwhile with the goal to bring privacy and security to public wi-fi. Cyber criminals are smart, and can trick even the most tech-savvy person into believing the wi-fi hotspot on offer is genuine, when in fact, it's fake - just imagine losing all your precious cryptocurrency and passwords to your bank account. Take a look at their presentation on their website here:

Bon chance in the airdrop all!

Great way to get the attention of people who already hold NEP5 tokens. They are the most logical market for Spotcoin.

"What do you need to do to participate in the SPOT airdrop?" Part
what i was looking for , thanks for explanation .

Great news for all Nep-5 token holders. QLC is a good project with a working product already. The airdrop of spotcoin to Nep-5 token holders will surely increase the utilization of the NEO blockchain.

Free spot to QLC holders is a good starting point.
Neo is going mainstream.

On May 21 the second part of the airdrop will open and it will be already possible to say that half the way to the first victory is over.

Good to hear this news. Of course will join the airdrop because spotcoin is very good project.

This is the second airdrop of Spotcoin, luckily i have enough time to accumulate QLC Tokens before the Airdrop on Monday!
Thank you for giving a quality airdrop.

Thank to project like this i believe in the light and convenient future. Keep on developing and u will go even higher. Project team has proven skill set for driving this along wining path. #Spotcoin

It is great oppertunity to QLC holders.Thank you spotcoin

i cannot wait t have my Spotcoin!!! thank you again for the distribution of the coin! i wish you all the best in the future!

I follow QLC CHAIN sice they was Qlink: this is a great opportunity for me to own some qlc tokens. Thank you in advance

what the minimum amount we need hold QLC and if i buy now QLC will it allow to register for Airdrop ?


The minimum amount of QLC to hold is 1000. I think if you send QLC to your NEO wallet now and then verify through the Spotcoin website should work but i am not sure.

Great news for NEO platform believer. The team of spotcoin project plan this airdrop in very attractive manner and efficient manner. I really believe in this project because of the team. Most of them are industry experts. All the best team. #spotcoin @spotcoin

This is a great development for the NEO blockchain based project. QLC is a good project that will impact massively on the Spotcoin being a project on the same Blockchain. It will not only help in giving a market value but to bring Spotcoin to a larger community.

I enjoy the fact that the airdrop amount is limited so a sell-off from airdrop receivers won't be able to dump the price of the token.
Also making the airdrop participants register to recieve tokens also makes sure that only those who are genuinely interested in the token will recieve them.

These kind of events are very positive to spot coin team.They can gram huge community to spot coin. I'm very happy to part of the spotcoin

The world is inevitably changing for the better and this process is due to the new revolutionary blockchain technology. The more such projects as Spotcoin, the faster we all start to live better and better. Successful promotion of the project!

Qlink is a interesting project with a real usecase. They already have a competitor that's been on the market for a while now, DENT. They have partnered with a few mobile companies from USA and Mexico already.
Maybe Qlink will dominate the asian market as Dent is already on the west market. We shall wait and see

Creating awareness for not only spotcoin but for nep5 tokens. Only a great project can do this and yeah i wont miss monday airdrop. Spotcoin all the way.

Very simple but an airdrop that provides very nice gain. I hope everyone from this campaign has been informed. Nobody wants to miss such a beautiful gift.

Great one for starter! Red Pulse is present in my portfolio and I have great growing expectations in value!
Thanks for the awesome airdrop and congratulations to all that will be getting some airdropped SPOT for holding Red Pulse.

Cool airdrop! Proud to be part of NEO blockchain. I already got some Spot for holding RPX this week and cant wait to get more for QLC next week. These airdrops are awesome, Thanks!

Spotcoin thank you for this amazing airdrop! probably the most sophisticated one i have ever had! congrats!

Application of advanced blockchain technology to the network industry, that's really sound wonderful. I can't wait to read the technical yellow paper to know more. I missed the last airdrop, won't miss this one.

WoW, Anouther Air drop. This is very great chance to QLC holders. never miss this chance. Spot coin have great concepts and well experienced development team. therefore Spotcoin have greate future. GoodLuck spot coin team.

It's Amazing, Those who hold at least 1,000 QLC tokens will be eligible to get SPOT tokens onward tomorrow until 27th of may. So you have time to get participate. You will be a part of 100K Spots...

Wonderful news to the RPX token holders by the "best" Spotcoin team. Both partnering on NEO’s NEP-5 will be a big hit in the market on both coins.

Wonderful news to the QLC token holders by the "best" Spotcoin team. Both partnering on NEO’s NEP-5 will be a big hit in the market on both coins.

QLC is bringing people online in a a simpler way. Also nice to adapt to the new name and new logo..

I am a holder of QLC. Grabbed some from the ICO. I m pretty sure they can revolutionize the mobile network industry in the near future.

Thanks for giving another airdrop for QLC token holders. 100000 SPOT in total means it's a really good airdrop. People can own valuable SPOT tokens if they have QLC tokens. Since the Spotcoin is a really exciting project, all QLC token holders will try to get this airdrop which means it will sell out within hours.

great change to got SPOT tokens for free. RPX holders are now happy with thier SPOT tokens. 3 more airdrops coming next. Do not miss this valuable chance.

Spotcoin is doing really good with the Air drop concept and it has made NEO based token holders to buy more tokens and hold them. its nice to see Spotcoin helps to grow NEO ecosystem as they are also benefits from that. good luck team


Spotcoin has all the advantages that in the future will contribute to the achievement of leadership among competitors. The project has very good prospects in the crypto-currency market.

Great reward for Nep5 . the future of crypto exchange with multifiat multicrypto gateway. Thanks to spotcoin

QLC Chain is one of the best project with huge market potential. I am holding QLC since I bought in ICO, also thankful to QLC gave a chance to grab some bonus in form of Spotcoin for Holding it.

These are some great reason to keep holding QLC after the airdrop, and anyone who is buying and selling just for airdrop might want to consider some holding bonuses.

Thanks for this according to Airdrop! I will try to participate by buying some QLC token!

I think more important news will come in a few days. Spotcoin is very excited about me. When Token sale starts, it will be moved a lot.

This is an amazing development for the NEO blockchain. QLC has been great project that will contribute positively to the Spotcoin in same blockchain ptotocol. It will help adding value to Spotcoin and Neo community

Congratulations @spotcoin!
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QLC Chain’s mission is to bring people online in a simpler, more pleasant, and more secure way with full transparency same as spotcoin wants digital currencies work for everyone. Both Spotcoin and QLC Chain have visions of giving access to the masses.Just rebranded from Qlink to QLC Chain,it wants to give clearer message by this spotcoin airdrop.

QLC coin holders will be the lucky owners of coins. It's good when companies interact at such a level of intersection of the community.

This project has great potentials and so many use cases/ advantages. I hope there would be more updates regarding the project development.

Thank you for bringing attention to other great projects and connecting NEO token communities! I don't have QLC Tokens yet but now I know about them and I will watch them. No doubt the Airdrop's gonna be a success.

Wow, SpotCoin dont stop! This is really a steep airdrop line

QLC Chain is a public next-generation block-chain for a decentralized network as a service. What does it mean? QLC Chain intrigues, allows people to become a mobile network provider on a small scale. They had a great understanding: with 2.3 billion people using mobile networks, there are problems that need to be addressed. Friends are actually a great idea! And these companies for a long time have been the first of confidence! Be connected, all very much I advise.

This is well elaborated, insightful description of QLC use. Some features of QLC I never knew was well explained. Knowing full well I can get smaller units of network .

I like how all your promotional materials looks so professional. Comparing to other ICOs, it shows you are already established company with resources.

#SpotCoinTeam Thank you for this great opatunity. Dear Friends Mark Your calander Now. Don't miss this is huge opportunity. Stay alert on spotcoin AirDrop. There are more aridrop ahead. Good concept and powerful project. GoodLuck SpotCoin Team.

This is an airdrop no one should miss. QLC on it own a good project, and the airdrop token (Spotcoin) is one of the most promising ICO's to date. Get on board and don't miss out!

QLC is a spot token and a great token with a great future. It's nice to have an airdrop.

Personally went through profiles of team members of #Spotcoin project and study about the project concept. It is realized that investing in #Spotcoin is a better decision for future.

Awesome opportunity for everyone to be a Spotcoin holder and be a part of the wonderful and dedicated team behind Spotcoin initiative. Neo based tokens are the future. I have gladly embraced Spotcoin and not letting it go till we get beyond the moon

Stability and success of the project depends on the team. The idea and qualification of this project developers deserves your attention

great opportunity for airdrop hunters for earning token of great project. The project is behind NEO platform. It has great partnerships . This is really amazing opportunity

spotcoin is targeting to help NEO based blockchain projects If NEO project will grow and then spotcoin will be grow. In my opinion, that's why spotcoin is doing wonderful things.

only one day to collect your free spots. don't miss this great opportunity.

Congratulations for this achievement! This proves that Spotcoin is getting popular day by day. Counting fingers until Spotcoin starts the public sale.

just participated in spotcoin airdrop. spotcoin always brings new ideas and technology. this is the coolest airdrop i have ever participated. hope you will distribute more tokens among the NEO community.

Both spot and qlc are great projects. I'll be holding both for the long term cause both have great potential. This airdrop is great for the entire NEP-5 ecosystem as well as the NEO economy

This is a good decision that took to reward people with NEP5 based tokens and this will help to retain NEO investors and also do more tradings in NEO exchanges, Spotcoin is always think different and complete task with good rewards to the community and for the NEO ecosystem

Spotcoin offerings
sp 2.JPG

I really want to be an airdrop participant. If you have QLC more that 1000, I recommend this project because it will be useful and provide convenience for many people!

This is a great opportunity for all holders. Thanks spotcoin

I will definitely monitor this project. It appears to have a nice potential, doesn’t it? Go get it, guys!

This is a great chance for QLC holders to get free SPOT tokens. People who are holding more than 1000 QLC can join this airdrop by simply register on Spotcoin website. Date is May 21st, 2018 and it starts at 18:00 (GMT+4). Do not miss this great chance

are you looking a coin for long holding position ?? my recommendation in spotcoin. because #spotcoin has great potential and features. it has both cryptoexchanger and OTC marketplace. you can compare spotcoin with other exchanges by yourself. 👉

Projects like this do not stand still, they are in active development, they bring to our lives a lot of useful things, it's nice to watch the work of these professionals, I appreciate such work.