Final airdrop partner Effect.AI (EFX): busting monopolies.

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Receive 50 free SPOT if you hold 500 or more EFX tokens

We’ll admit we’re very impressed with our NEP-5 cousin Effect AI. And it’s not just because with all of their Artificial Intelligence, they are officially ‘the smart ones’ in our NEO family. No, it’s because they’re taking on major players like Amazon to open up the AI market for everyone. They are connecting supply and demand, regardless of size. Small companies and individuals from almost every country in the world can co-operate on AI jobs through the EFFECT M-Turk network, where before AI was almost exclusively available for the mega-corporations. Effect AI is making AI work for everyone, and of course, that’s exactly what we at Spotcoin aim to do with digital currencies. We are starting by providing liquidity to our NEO family, and our airdrops are part of that. If you own 500 or more EFX tokens, you will receive 50 SPOT and the chance to win a Nano Ledger S.

How to participate in the SPOT -> EFX airdrop:

  1. Join our Telegram group

  2. Go to and register or login to your account.

  3. Monday, June 4th, at 6pm (GMT+4), login and fill out the Spotcoin airdrop pop-up with your Telegram name and the NEO address where you hold your EFX tokens. Be quick, our last airdrop was over in 2 hours and the registration is first-come-first-serve.

Your SPOT will be delivered to the same NEO address once we’ve completed our post-ICO third-party audit.

While you are here, read about their master plan:

Stage 1: EFFECT M-Turk.

Here, the demand side, or Requestors, can post AI jobs that require human intelligence, that the Workers can respond to. Payments for jobs done use the EFX token, are settled directly and without a third party taking a cut. It’s also open to bots, which will lead to…

Stage 2: EFFECT Smart Market

The Effect.AI Smart Market is a decentralized marketplace where AI algorithms can exchange their services. Following our data interchange format (and by specifying a usage fee for consumers) an application owner can register on the exchange by specifying a public endpoint for his or her application. This application can now be invoked through smart contracts on the blockchain. The caller of the contract will have to transfer the required funds to the owner of the contract to get an authorization token that allows him or her to interact with the application.

Stage 3: EFFECT Power

Phase 1 and 2 of The Effect Network decentralized the data gathering and usage of AI algorithms. Up to this point, the algorithms themselves still run on centralized servers. In the final ‘Effect Power’ phase of the network, the actual computation will be distributed so that the algorithms run globally without a single point of failure.

Liquidity and Stability through the Galaxy Pool

At the center of this sits the Galaxy Pool, where Workers can sell their EFX rewards for native tokens like NEO and GAS, and Requesters and network users can buy EFX to get jobs done.

Don’t miss it!

Our previous Switcheo airdrop was over before you can say “decentralized artificial intelligence collaborative revolution,” so make sure you are ready to go when registration opens on Monday.

Interested in more Spotcoin?

Join our Telegram community: Spotcoin Team, Spotcoin News, and Spotcoin Bounty.

Take a look at our complete ICO offering here.

Read our Whitepaper here, for more details.

Visit, where we make digital currencies work for everyone.

Residents and citizens of the United States are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT Airdrop and the SPOT public sale. Residents and citizens of China and South Korea are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT public sales. However, certified accredited U.S. investors can take part in the SPOT private sale. Chinese and South Korean investors can participate in the private sale when paying with digital currencies, after signing the SAFT form and completing the KYC /AML process. Any investment in digital currencies comes at a risk. No one should invest money that he or she can’t afford to lose.

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Wow fantastic, another awesome SPOT airdrop, thanks you so much to the team that are giving us away free tokens!

Finally!! Spotcoin giveaway for Effect AI holders has arrived!
And I got in in time... Well done.
I'm really excited, this is two projects that I invest/will invest for 2018 and I have big hopes for them.
Great to see this interaction and partnership between NEO projects.

how many did you get in total? i managed to secure 205 SPOTs from all the 4 airdrops and believe it or not, i am going to invest big time when the token sale starts. remember to get yourself whitelisted ok!!

I like your principle of distributing tokens within the framework of ***: on the one hand, users receive cherished free tokens, on the other hand they solve two questions at once: they help administrators to promote the coin + acquire an asset that can grow in value and grow in value and gain a real value for society.

An unusual but interesting approach.

Yea the way this was managed was amazing, a much better approach than just handing it out to everyone. A great way to promote Spot Coin as well as promote and reward NEO token holders and its ecosystem.
Managed to get in on the EFX and Switcheo Airdrops


Successfuly reserved my 50 free SPOT tokens from EFX airdrop, its actually cool that they sold out 100,000 SPOT tokens in 51 minutes ;)

What a pity that I do not have 500 EFX tokens! If only I could have known about this before...

By the way, don't worry if you missed this airdrop, if you're still planning to participate in Spotcoin ICO and grab a slice of this sweet pie, then look at this:

On June 6th at 18:00 (GMT+4), Spotcoin Team are opening Whitelist for the Pre-ICO! Get Whitelisted to profit from limited Pre-ICO 20% discount deal. Only 1250 places available. First come, first served!

I have waited and successfully claimed my 50 SPOT tokens! Good job guys. Hope to see more like this type of great news from spotcoin.

Thank you Spotcoin team for organizing this amazing airdrop campaign. It was great chance to other coin holders to get free SPOT tokens. All tokens ran out very fast because community was so excited about this airdrop. Thank you very much.

I joined to EFX airdrop. Thanks for great gift.

Cooperation with Effect AI is beneficial not only to the projects themselves but to us too! I'll participate in this Airdrop, thank you very much.

  ·  last year (edited)

It was so fast. I tried to claim my SPOT airdrop few minutes ago and it is already sold out. I missed the airdrop. :(
Anyway, it proves that Spotcoin is a very popular company now. The community is growing day by day.
However, I will not miss my chance to get whitelisted for the Pre-ICO on Wednesday.

I really looking forward on this project because of the project idea and project team. Timeline and road map is very clear. It gives more transparency for this project. Good luck team

I reserved 50 spotcoin from EFX airdrop. That was amazing for me. thanks.

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Worthy of all the smart people of the Lord! The company is stable and everyone working in it knows why he is there!!! Good project and nice vision. Recommended my friends to invest here. I suggest you to join in this project so you do not regret in the future.

a chico!! ma che sono sti efx hihi :*

It was a great airdrop series. I have observed that the NEO community supports each other and the projects are very close to each other. And that really affected me.

It's a luck for those who own Effect AI token! Congratulations to all holders. I don't have one!

I wasn’t so fast than 1500 people. Airdrops was closed after 1 hour. I hope to be faster for whitelist. 😉good luck

I am happy for everybody who could participate in the Airdrops. I will invest in ICO. Spotcoin is the project I most likely see to succeed.

If you hold 500 Effect AI you qualify for this airdrop. Go right now and put in your claim because this won't be available for very much longer.

Airdrop is sold out but I managed to participate on time! Thank you!

Great project, support him, he deserves great investments and good investors

Spotcoin is the fomo and promising project ever. Drive on the right track and backed the experts. Spotcoin will reach the success story

I was able to secure my 50 spot coins. The process was completely easy and fun. There will be no airdrop that will be this cool. Thanks to spotcoin team

Is this AirDrop still ongoing? Can i going now. Thanks spot coin team. this is great chance.

Friends, I hope you managed to register on Monday and get free tokens? This is a really great opportunity to win a gift! I try everywhere to participate in this company, there are excellent drawings, promotions and there are still many interesting things ahead. Watch the fresh news of this excellent company with a great future!

Nice. But too bad I was late, all spots already taken. Hope you could offer airdrop bonus soon! Thanks anywhere. Good luck with the token sale. SpotCoin is a great blockchain project.

i feel sorry for you that you didn't even get a chance. but if you wish to get spotcoin, you can get yourself whitelisted and get into the pre-ico token sale with 20% discount. this is a very attractive offer that you might not want to refuse. follow the instructions in this article.

Spotcoin is one of the most interesting and promising projects, in which I and the whole community believe! In the near future we will see the REVOLUTION in the world of crypto currency and #Spotcoin will be the main player in this market!

Maybe in a few years, humanity will completely switch to new technologies based on blockchain. Most people dream of living in a more decentralized society. To do this, you need to have more projects such as Spotcoin

Great Opportunity I joined to Airdrop But Not Received my coin where is my 50 spot coin?

The good opportunity I Joined to Airdrop but not Received Spot coin where is my 50 spot coin?

I missed it, but I got the previous Airdrops. Spotcoin is just too good

Finally, the registration of the whitelist is open!
I'm just passed the KYC/AML procedure, took only 3 minutes with driver licence. Hurry up guys if you do not want to miss such a grand event and chance get 20% bonus

Blockchain technology is not only a new revolutionary technology, it is also a special view of the world, the date is getting closer, Spotcoin is one of my top picks, sure to get on board early. Whitelist for pre ICO opens on June 06th and do not miss this valuable opportunity. Hurry and sign up to claim 20% discount. I believe that the project will collect a good amount of money for the implementation of the road map in full volume.

I'm really exited to join with spotcoin. This airdrop is awesome to effect holders.

I joined airdrop. And i am waiting for my spotcoins :) I am really excited about that. I hope sales are moving as you want. I believe this team will succeed.

Congrats! :)

I had a quick look at the comments, and I'm really pleased to see that many of you got your hands on some SPOT through the airdrop - congrats all. SPOT are going to do very well - and lucky holders via airdrop and those who buy during the pre-ICO will definitely not be disappointed. Sign up now for the pre-ICO - only 1250 spaces!

I could not get this airdrop. Before I logged in, its completed. Its pity.

Spotcoin will be one of the promising projects in future. Spotcoin has a good team and they can do this well. I think every interesting people want to be a part of this amazing project.

It was a success airdroo from the begining to the end. Thank you spotcoin and good luck.

really nice platform for free earning in crypto market. i hope it will be send their token/coin timely .thanks

Invest a reliable project, this one expects unequivocal success.

This is absolutely a great partnership. I trust NEO based projects. I will use this chance and I will tell everyone.

This is a great achievement. All this success because of team with high execution skills, providing a top quality service and well-designed, strong and futuristic concept. #SpotCoin

This is incredible. A very legit way to get free Spotcoins. It's not everyday you see something this wonderful. It's great that Spotcoin is in collaboration with some NEP-5 tokens.. This is great

What an amazing spotcoin do we have!!
EFX tokens airdrop finished less than one hour!!

Spotcoin shall arise with a good vision to the moon!!

Token sale successfully ends, If you missed the airdrop, don't worry, participate in the token sale.

Crypto exchange will be one of the most popular tools for cashing in profits, so the SpotCoin project is a very promising platform for both developers and investors!

Yeah! I was able to grab my 50 SPOTs as a EFX holder. Cheers!

Sweet airdrop. I love how Spotcoin has decided to give back to the community with these generous giveaways. And the spots got filled up fast soon, which is great indictor of interest and excitement in the project. Looking forward now to a successful ICO and TGE.

I like the transparency in the spotcoin team. I love the team slogan " build something that is easy to change because things are going to change " letting us know spotcoin has come to change a lot of things #spotcoin

I join this project because I'm sure that good projects are launched on the NEO platform. Spotcoin will be very successful.

Spotcoin airdrop campaign, which was held in the past days, attracted a great deal of attention. Whitelist closed for pre-sale. Listeners are very lucky. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, follow Spotcoin.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most promising projects in 2018 for investment. Undoubtedly, the project is developing and has many progressive ideas and new technological solutions.

Now we can see Spotcoin project going forward step by step and we can see project team working hard on the project. Keep it up. We have many hopes for this project. All other investors also in touch with the Spotcoin project. Thank you for the keep us updated regularly.

Guys, You have only several hours to commence the Spotcoin airdrop campaign. Hope you all are ready for that. good luck for all the spotcoin community and this is the good opportunity to get bonus coins

  ·  last year (edited)

Spotcoin is an very good and long-term bet, I am excited to be a part of this project. Excited about the Airdrop it is been planned in very effective way and like the concept which is different from the others. today is the last day of EFX airdrop. hurry up and grab your spots.

I am proud to be a part of this project.
This is a promising project. With the tremendous work of a great team, I am sure the project will succeed in achieving its goals. #spotcoin #simpleliquidity

I see it as a program to grow day by day.Really happy about the partnership this programe.I think this is indeed a very high experience for all investors.For more information visit this site

I am happy to support you guys.Project will success just make your best.

This was a different level of Airdrop and it has changed the Airdrop game with a new concept. Thanks to Spotcoin I got my 50 Spotcoin tokens since I'm a Neo based token holder.
Spotcoin is different than most of the projects out there and they have proven that with the newest Airdrop model that has introduced recently.


it is exceptionally fascinating how the spotcoin group are extremely energetic about the NEO exosystem, this demonstrates they are worried about the whole neo group. This demonstration to compensate individuals from the neo economy still stands an extraordinary move to me.

Aww. It nice for Spotcoin to recognize the presence of it Neo based bother EFX (smiles) in the Spotcoin Airdrop allocation process. It's my prayer that your partnership bring forth success and good tidings in the course of the journey through the cryptosphere. Goodluck guys

A simple liquidity platform, giving liquidity to fellow NEO Blockchain projects. Even the way and manner the Airdrop was conducted and rounded up speaks of the high-professionalism of the Spotcoin's team. This also shows that they will do their all best for this project.

  ·  last year (edited)

It's nice to realize that now small companies and start-ups have a chance to declare themselves.

This was perfect opportunity for earn so token of this promising project . This project has amazing concept that can use be used blockchain technology for that.

I get to receive free spot for holding EFX as well.
Finally! Some good use for my dormant EFX tokens. I appreciate the entire spotcoin team for this wonderful opportunity.

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

The team members are in full concentration and committed way, we have full confidence that the project will achieve its goal soon. Investors can get good profits by investing their investments in this project.

Spotcoin is a platform that offers neo-based and blockhain technology, a quick and easy payment system for crypto money trading.

everything went fine, went to fulfill the conditions and got my drop, thank you guys for your professionalism!

The project is moving nicely and am happy the whitelisting for presale is on.
Goodluck to all supporters.

Both are great projects. Hope to see a partnership between SPOT and EFX in the future.

Spotpay desire offer a assure spot of traffic (POS) process solvent representing cube and mortar ret creations as good as an easy to apply, globule-in expenditure widget for each dominant shopping waggon rostrum and a logical API with supporting libraries

I am lucky enough to be part on this final airdrop. As this last part of airdrop easily ended because of so many participants want to get SpotCoin.

Congratulations to all.

Really missing something

I really looking forward on this project because of the project idea and project team. i missed the chance to grap the airdrop tokens. had insufficient EFX

Spotcoin successfully have done the Airdrops which was very innovative way and supportive to Neo community .Totally 400k spot were given in all airdrops which very laudable ,Ipersonally received spot airdrop for holding the EFX tokens . Congratulations for all the people who received airdrop and request to participate in ICO.thank you.

This airdrops will draw a lot of attention to the Spotcoin project! Amazing strategic decision! Keep going!

I'm really excited to join with spotcoin. This airdrop is awesome to effect holders like me. I reserved my spotcoin

Spotcoin had done with Pre-ICO and hundreds of buyers are overhelmed. Many community members, investors are interested in investing, but it’s still exciting and rather humbling when it really happens. Spotcoin ended up closing the Pre-ICO early on Thursday, after achieving its goals. Now, the next chance to buy SPOT and get in at the ground floor is during our upcoming ICO only. please check Telegram group Spotcoin Team for the latest information and get ready for ICO.

I participated, thanks for the wonderful initiative

I studied the project in more detail and realized that I decided to participate in the #Spotcoin for a reason. My attention was drawn to the fact that the development team is experienced in the crypto industry. Good luck in your promotion!

Awesome to be looking after holders of NEO - one of the top projects in blockchain, and thats the reason i looked and read into the #spotcoin as a project.

Amazing project. It is joyful to observe the positive dynamics of the development of your project! I wish you good luck in everything!

Today I received very good information from the telegram group admin. He certainly impressed me about investing. This project has 3 excellent features. Each spotcoin we hold at hand will get us much more. This is so beautiful!