10,000 Datalise Coin AİRDROP (04.03.2018)

in airdrop •  8 months ago

10,000 Datalise Coin AİRDROP (04.03.2018)

Our phones are getting smarter at data collection, sensors collect our data as well.
We're creating a data marketplace for users to be able to sell their everyday data,

  1. GPS Data
  3. Sleep Data
  4. Attention Span Data
  5. Viewing Data
    and more!

Get rewarded for sharing your data anonymously on the blockchain. It will run automatedly and everything will be anonymous through our fabric that only collects relevant data for people.

We're giving out 10,000 coins to each person who fills up this airdrop and retweets this.

We're also rewarding our first 5 donators of 0.001 ETH with 100,000 coins. (Look for more info below!)


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