NEW airdrop. 150 UNI (~6.5$) GetUnion Telegram bot airdrop only 1 min.

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🏆New TELEGRAM BOT airdrop which we share FIRST again!
Get Union is giving 150 UNI tokens (~6.5$) for joining.

  1. Join their Telegram from the bot.
  2. Follow their Twitter from the bot.
  3. Enter your ETH wallet and Twitter username.
    Trackico (4.1/5) Icobench: (3.6/5)
    *You can get extra 25 UNI for each friend you invite.

About Union

Union's vision is to utilize trusts, commitments, and social capital to create a democratic financial ecosystem on block-chain technology for banked and unbanked individuals.

*Union Pool
A decentralize platform for Collective Investment Schemes. Smart contract to automate saving and lending process amongst trusted friends.

*Union Social Commitments
Individuals within the platform can create a commitment contracts, and upon successful completion of the contract, individuals can receive a positive score towards their social standing.

*Target Customer
India's Millennial population ~400 Million.

*Union Lending Authentication (ULA)
Algorithm to calculate the social standing score based on various factors such as timely payment of previously participated Union Pool, fulfilled union social commitments, social media accounts, etc.

*Union Advances (UA)
A smart contract to automate the entire process of bill discounting. Individuals discounting their own company's bill or on behalf of the firm, will be able to leverage their social standing score in the Union to get a better borrowing terms, and discounts.


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