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Last-mile logistics through a scalable sharing economy built on blockchain. Rated 4.5 on

1.Click here to register for an account (sign in with Google or with email/password).

  1. Login and complete your personal info.

  2. On the next page you'll see a 6 digit number in colour red. Copy it and paste it to this form (first requirement in form) (+25 PAKKA)

  3. Subscribe to the YouTube channel (+50 PAKKA)

  4. Subscribe to the Reddit page, and upvote this post (+25 PAKKA)

  5. Join the following Telegram Groups: &

  6. Follow these Medium accounts: Medium Account 1 & Medium Account 1 (50 PAKKA)

  7. Share our post about Airdrop Number 2 on Twitter Post or Facebook Post (you can choose 1). Enter the link to your shared post in the form: (+50 PAKKA, optional)

  8. Submit all details to the airdrop form and send. Share the form and there is 25 PAKKA for you and for every referral. (There is also an airdrop-button in the dashboard, but this was for round 1 which has already ended). 1 PAKKA = 0.32$

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