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shark trade launches airdrop!.png
One of the BEST ways to get Shark Coins - join one of our AirDrop campaigns🚀🚀

The rules are simple👉🏼 in order to get extra SC, perform the following activities⬇️

Follow our Facebook Page - 10 SC
Comment -5 SC
Follow our Twitter Profile – 10 SC
Comment - 5 SC
Follow our LinkedIn Page - 10 SC
Follow our Steem Page – 10 SC
Subscribe on our YouTube Channel – 10 SC
Create videos for us - 100 SC
Write an article for us – 100 SC (Minimum 500 words)
Submit your details to the Airdrop form👉🏼

Send Joining Invitation in our AirDrop Program to Get Free SC coins✅

All users are getting a unique SC referral Link which can be shared via all social networks or another way to get 2,00% Instant Bonus SC coins on your wallet. If anyone who signs up and completes the joining procedure will be added into Bounty or AirDrop Referral program. ( )

The Below Referral Link will be used during ICO Sales running👉🏼


very great and cool idea for this project

Sharktrade is here with a promising program. They are airdropping upto 25 tokens to the community who join their airdrop program. 1 token will cost $10. #sharktrade moving to the moon

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