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RE: [Airdrop] Claim $0.36-36$ Each Day With Just One Click! Up to $2469 for Referrals! Collect -> SELL for STEEM -> GG

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Looks like a scam. Down-voted. If you want to send me bitcoin or ether send it here:




lol, I'm going to take this as a troll comment but just in case it isn't and you are actually being serious let me know

What makes you think that? And how exactly do you think they would scam you? There is no KYC reqiured,

You CAN'T sell it because they give you VITE Coin, not the VITE ERC20 token! VITE Coin CANNOT be sold anywhere yet. I just talked to the creator and he confirmed this. Their decentralized exchange which will be launched in June is the only place you can sell VITE.

You receive VITE Coin (Can't be sold), NOT VITE ERC20 (Is trading on exchanges)

So, the VITE displayed on CoinMarketCap being traded on OKEx and a couple other exchanges is actually the ERC-20 version of the coin? Can you please confirm that so that I can update the post accordingly?