Paws the blockchain based animal charity platform

in airdrop •  6 months ago

Hello friends

Paws is a blockchain based non profit charity project. Their vision is really honest as the platform is working on pet or our most love animal.

The paws platform has a smart feature like a strong, secure and masternode based paws coin that support mastercard or visa card for direct use of paws at any merchant worldwide. Really i love this great technology.

Paws coin is a mineable coin and their maximum supplies are very limited as i believe paws is the next Bitcoin. So guys it's the right time to buy more and more paws to be a successful investor.

I also want to say that paws have a ongoing great bountry program. Here you can win a big if you daily visit their bountry program and share the bountry with your friends.

Here is the paws bountry program

To get easily paws coin address follow the link

To get more information about paws project visit their website

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