TRON AIRDOP 80 tokens +2 others!

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TRON AIRDROP! 80 tokens value ~3$, 40s!

1. First you need to create account at HUOBIPRO:

2. Log in HUOBI and go to “Account & Security” where you copy your UID number

3. Than click: insert your UID, join Telegram and paste code you got and youll get 80 TRX

VERNAM AIRDROP! How many tokens you will get depends on how much points youll collect and you get for example 200p to join their Telegram but first you have to register at their site and verify. Once you log in youll see what gives you points.

SWARM AIRDROP 60-80s, 10 tokens!

1. Visit their site:

2. Submit your email and password

3. Save your seed

4. Verify your mail

5. Login in and click on the March Madness Banner.

6. Submit your KYC and you will receive 10 SWM after successful verification!

If you wanna join more airdrops check my blog or join my telegram airdrop group . I suggest you pin me to top so you will never miss new airdrop.

Have a nice day and Massive profits :)