Few fast easy airdrops today!

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First if you wanna join more airdrops join my telegram airdrop group https://t.me/freemoneyairdrops ! I am not posting many airdrops here anymore.

1st.: 36 EST tokens in chinesse but simple, 20s!

1. Click: http://candy.168.io/candies/index.html?c=EST&p=/d7b91809587b4617880ae878d6f7d840

2. Page 1 give ETH wallet

3. Second page under 1. is Telegram join and under 2. is code copy and paste in chat

2nd.: Up to 150 McFly tokens 20-35s depends if you skip some step or not.

1. Click link: https://telegram.me/McFlyAeroBot?start=rel_7WIZWL and do simple steps with bot.

3rd.: 20 WKR tokens, 20s!

1. Aidrop link: https://earn.workcoin.net?kid=NCD21

2. After you fill form you get the Telegram group link or https://t.me/workcoin

4th.: 500 IFOOD tokens, 20s!

1. Click link: 

2. Join their Telegram: https://t.me/ifoodschainCN

3. Paste code you got in chat

5th.: 70GAC tokens, 20s!

1. Chat with bot do simple tasks: https://t.me/GladAgebot?start=456697458

6th.: 2 WAVES AIRDROP 60s!

1. All explained in this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSVzFT2ZeboIWYcU6vx57DOLJn2QTwdIztLkosMiCPy5d5xQ/viewform

7th.: 35 SOUND tokens, 30s!

1. Click link and follow simple instructions:   http://www.coinclub.global/airdrop/mUf59T6fmJ3yGJe5TL1R

Last today: 20 EOC, 20s!

1. Click link: https://airdrop.eoschain.co/r/079178

2. Write both Telegram and Twitter usernames without @!

Have a nice day and Massive profits :)