6 AIRDROPs today!

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1st.: COINBUNDLE AIRDROP 300 tokens, 10s!

1. Sign up: https://coinbundle.com/?userCode=H1XpX3UcG and thats it

2nd.: 150NUK tokens, 20s!

1. Chat with bot and so simple tasks: https://telegram.me/NukleusBot?start=f1c342fa

3rd.: 30MTC tokens, 20s!

1. Click link:  http://x.mtc.io/airdrop/step1?ref=0851a0f6-084c-4f77-85e7-3face3d4de49 

2. Give ETH wallet

3. Join their Telegram 

4. Code you got you need to give to their BOT https://t.me/MTC_admin_bot

4th.: RED LANTERNS AIRDROP first 2k get 50 tokens(will close soon) after you get 15 tokens!

1. Visit Red Lanterns airdrop page: https://airdrop.red-lanterns.com/

2. Create an account.

3. Save your Telegram username and ETH address in dashboard.

4. Join their Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/GQRLLhFxnAGetwJB0rKSTA

5th.: VESTARIN AIRDROP, 40s! Only first 20k and is already over 18k!

1. All explained in this form: https://vrlps.co/a?pt=V7iJMOAWqI_9ZjvHcyzh-YdsJr8&referralCode=r1chD2L9z&refSource=copy

6th.: GLOBATALENT AIRDROP 60s, need to upload scan of passport so if you dont like that pass!

1. Here is their airdrop page: https://airdrop.globatalent.com/#/

2. Enter your details and submit the form.

3. If you want to get 5tokens more enter referral code: stEJwjlFRwOhQ

4. Follow them on Twitter and Telegram.

5. Chat with the Telegram bot: https://t.me/GlobatalentAirdropBot and send a message saying Airdrop.

If you wanna join more airdrops check my blog or join my telegram airdrop group https://t.me/freemoneyairdrops . I suggest you pin me to top so you will never miss new airdrop.

Have a nice day and Massive profits :)