4 AIRDROPs today!

in #airdrop4 years ago

TALAO AIRDROP 3 tokens, 20s!

1. Chat with bot: http://telegram.me/talaobountybot/?start=456697458

10 QPS tokens with bot 20s


DEX on stealer called QUANTA is giving first 100k that create acc. 250$ in trading fees https://quantadex.com/?ID=450BAJe3OY2G

ENIAC AIRDROP up to 10$ rewards!

1. Create account: https://www.eniac.network/airdrop/index.php?invitation_code=s3cr3t

2. Log in and do simple tasks like follow them on twitter, join their Telegram, ...

If you wanna join more airdrops check my blog or join my telegram airdrop group https://t.me/freemoneyairdrops . I suggest you pin me to top so you will never miss new airdrop.

Have a nice day and Massive profits :)