Tokens Airdrop #66 It's time to grab the "FXPay (FXP)" Tokens for free.

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Everyone wants to earn some extra money from sitting at home. It was very difficult in the past day's, but now we are trying to make it very easy for you. So you can make some extra money easily from here.

I show you how you can earn extra free crypto Tokens from here. I have already started a Tokens Airdrop series here for all of you to make easy money & as I said that I would do it continuously, so I am completing my words here.

It's all about of Tokens Airdrop. A lot of companies drops their Tokens to increase the customers. So it's the best way to grab this opportunity. So let's start now.

What are the requirements for that?

  • E-mail Id
  • ETH wallet Address
  • Twitter Account
  • Telegram Account
  • Few Minutes

Today we are going to start it with FXPay (FXP) Airdrop. In this Airdrop you will get FXPay (FXP) Tokens by doing the following:

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Nice sharing. You are doing great for this community.

Hey guys.have you all heard about RAWG?? .It actually pays users to play games(as tokens of course).The best thing is that ,You can also sync in your past data. This is Revolutionary,each and everyone of the gamers will jump into this platform once they hear about it.They have a working platform ready even before the ico,that's how serious they are.Just think about it, A platform that awards tokens for the games you play for fun.This is like every gamers dream come true. Its also referred to as the IMDb of games(and so much more). Heres an article about RAWG that you wouldn't wanna miss.
The ico will begin in a short period and they are currently in pre-ico stage,they already have a database of 57000+ games.