A complete guide to mining $Nodepay, the earliest free mining coin + mining amplification tips

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NodePay is backed by Web3 venture capital firm Animoca. It's basically a project similar to $GRASS, which is almost listed on Binance. Unlike $GRASS, which went all the way to Epoch 5, NodePay has just started mining. If you are using a Chrome web browser, you can mine rewards immediately by simply signing up and installing the extension, and you don't need to do anything else such as purchasing tokens, connecting a wallet, staking, or operating the network, so if you are looking forward to 2024, please try this project that can be mined for free with just an internet connection~!

Cost: Free
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Tokenization : Finalized
VC: Animoca Brand, OKX, etc.
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How to qualify for airdrops

1.Create an account: https://app.nodepay.ai/register?ref=h0J4P2qeUGFp2hZ

  • Register email, username, and password
  • Complete the Captcha
  • Click the register button

2.Install Chrome Extension : https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/nodepay-extension/lgmpfmgeabnnlemejacfljbmonaomfmm?pli=1

  • Install NodePay extension after signing up
  • Log in with the extension
  • All you need to do is log in. You can check your accumulated rewards on your dashboard.

3.Check your rewards: https://app.nodepay.ai/dashboard

  • The more internet connection you have, the more airdrop rewards you will receive

4.Increase airdrop volume with referral links

  • You will receive 100 node points for each referral.

Node Pay description

Launched in 2024, Nodepay is a network infrastructure that provides decentralized bandwidth for AI training. Ordinary users can connect to the Nodepay network to share and sell their unused internet. This is used for data labeling, model sharing, and more. NodePay network contributors can receive real-time rewards for selling unused bandwidth. Network contributors' personal information is not shared and all information is anonymized.


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