Craziest Airdrop I've Seen On Steemit: Byteball Wallet

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Yesterday I saw a notification on the @utopian-io discord channel with a link to information for the Byteball Airdrop, I've tried it out and it worked. The airdrop is based on your reputation and it's tiered like this:

Steem reputation above 30: you get a $10 reward
Steem reputation above 40: you get a $20 reward
Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

So in our case we got a $40 reward split into two: $20 are available right now and the other $20 are set up in a smart contract and we will get it paid out in one year.


If you look into our wallet you can see 11 SBD deposited, which came directly from the Byteball airdrop.

Do you want to claim your reward? Follow these steps.

#1 Download their wallet via this link
#2 Have someone send you the $0.07 registration fee ( we would happily do that, leave a comment with your receive funds address you can find in the wallet or chat us up on discord)
#3 On the wallet click on the CHAT tab
#4 There, on top click on the Bot Store and choose "Steem Attestation Bot"
#5 Wait until the bot says hello
#6 Connect your Steemit Account via the Steemconnect link
#7 The bot will answer with a payment link
#8 To pay, hit the ... (three dots symbol on the bottom left) add "Insert My Address (Small Expense Wallet) and click on the payment link the bot provided you

The reward should show up almost instantly!

You can now withdraw right away if you like, we recommend using the Bittrex wallet. You can then decide what do to with it. You could cash out using the Wirex Visa Card or re-invest into Steemit or buy more @steemmonsters cards.

If you have any problems or have questions - please leave a comment or come find us on discord.

This is an incredible opportunity but keep in, mind once their reward funds are gone, they're gone but in general every Steemit account is eligible.

Thank you @punqtured !!! This is insane!


Thank you very much @for91days

I'm happy it worked!

thanks for the tip! here we go: WQYUIREUUY43SRNXAHBLOFJFH4XLUICE


Done - Hope you found this post helpful.

Whoa, if you don't mind to send me the registration fee :P

Done! Have fun :)

Awesome! Thanks

Cool stuff! Will probably do the same post as you did :) Here my address if you don't mind :)


And srry for just 50% upvote haha, just got a slider yesterday and I'm not used to it, it was set to 50 and I've just havent noticed :)

Sad that you're soo close to 60 btw...could have gotten 40$ more!

Sent :)

Hmmm....I can't find out where and how to execute step #6 :) Could u help me a bit? Cuz Steemconnect thing is browser-based right? And this byteball wallet I've downloaded is an standalone app on its own and has nothing to do with a browser...soo I'm a bit puzzled now haha :D

You have to wait for the BOT to say hello... Did it already do that?

Hmm, he went straight into business talk hahah :D

Did you add the address (first option) when you click on that blue circle with the 3 dots.

Nope, not yet...I thought it's the step #8 :D So should I do it now? :D

Yes ... sorry :)


sent ... enjoy, hope you find this post helpful.

Seems pretty nice ! My wallet adress:


Worked perfect! Appreciate it buddy!

Thanks @for91days! appreciate it !



Thx, you got it back :)

Thank you very much for letting me know about this. And I appreciate the registration fee. Thank you! :)


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Used your link, thanks!

Whoa this is awesome, I'm gonna try it and if it works (I'm sure it will) totally re-steeming!!

I clicked on your profile expecting a travel post w/ those amazing architectural photography pics you do...not this!!! But hey, I'm not disappointed in the least!

lol thanks for sharing

Let me know if you want me to send you the registration fee.

Thanks! Yes please, here: IEUS5GW72QOWEZUZUKCID5VP4C2ZZZGK

sent .. enjoy :)

Thanks SO MUCH!!!

Kinda have a dumb question...on the insert address part, what address is it wanting?

Mine went straight to business talk just the same as @matkodurko and his comment up above

In the bot window click on that blue circle with the 3 dots on the left hand side and add the very first option. Then you can send the fee. If you still have trouble, find me on discord.

Oh I figured that out before I saw this. I THINK I'm done but not sure where the SBDs are lol ok maybe I need to discord

Oh, nvmd, I literally just clicked insert address and I guess that was the right thing to do!

On the home tap you should have a whole bunch of Bytes, you can withdraw the 50% liquid and the rest in one year. Easiest way to withdraw and to invest in steemit is via bittrex.

Ahh ok I see. Thanks!!! For some reason b/c you mentioned 11 SBD I thought the reward comes in SBDs, but that totally makes sense b/c you said you can withdraw with Bittrex wallet.

Sorry for the bazillion questions!

great post. Can you guide me on how to invest on steemit using the byteball wallet?

Yes - you would need a verified bittrex account though.


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please help me ?

Do you still need help?

Can I ask you, what coin is it? Because 1 GBYTE = 120$.
Edit: Nvm..I got it, thanks

It is that coin - but we're talking about bytes and not gbytes :) The tiers are in USD. They had problems over the weekend but they're up again. So, give it a try and let me know once you need the registration fee.

Yes they had, it took 2 days to transfer :D

Hey, thank you! This is my wallet!


Sent! It might take a while until it's confirmed.

Got it! Thank you so much!

Thank you for this!

sent :)

Received! Thanks.

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