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Everybody loves gambling. However there doesn't really exist a jackpot game for the STEEM blockchain yet. FOO Jackpot tries to solve that problem by offering a simple jackpot using the newly created FOO token. Players can participate in the jackpot by buying tickets using FOO tokens. 1 token represents 1 ticket in the jackpot and players can win an additional bonus, which is added to every jackpot round as an incentive. The following sections explain the different components of the game, including the FOO token and the game mechanics.

If you want to play the game visit

FOO Coin

The FOO Coin token was created by the @foocoin account using Steem Engine. It is mainly used for FOO Jackpot where 1 FOO token represents 1 ticket in the jackpot. Maybe in the future other use cases will come up for the token. The FOO token is created with a maximum supply of 100 000 000.

House Token Holding

The account @foojackpot will be initially funded with 10% of the maximum supply for maintaining the service and for future development.


Initially 1% of the maxmimum supply will be distributed for about 0.01 STEEM per token through The rest of the tokens will be distributed through the jackpot and through bonus events, which will be announced on the @foojackpot account. The first bonus event will be an airdrop of the FOO token, but more on that later.

FOO Jackpot

The game FOO Jackpot is a simple jackpot game where players can buy tickets using the FOO token. 1 FOO token will buy 1 ticket in the jackpot. After every round 1 random winning ticket is chosen, which will receive the full jackpot (minus the house edge).

Game Mechanics

At the start of every round the account @foojackpotx sends a starting transaction to the STEEM blockchain and stores the resulting transaction ID. After a minimum of 1440 blocks were published to the STEEM blockchain, the round ends and the account @foojackpotx sends an ending transaction to the STEEM blockchain, storing the resulting transaction ID. The winning ticket is chosen using the starting and the ending transaction ID. First the two transaction IDs are converted to numbers using the following function:

def str2int(s, ALPHABET):
  i = 0
  for c in reversed(s):
    i *= len(ALPHABET)
    i += ALPHABET.index(c)
  return i

The resulting two numbers are summed up and taken modulo the total number of tickets in the jackpot resulting in the winning ticket number. The tickets are sorted according to their block and the winning ticket is the ticket with the index equals the previously chosen number. If two tickets were sent in the same block the tickets are sorted according to their order inside the block. To avoid refunding of FOO that is received between two consecutive rounds, the tickets will automatically be included in the next jackpot round.

winning_ticket = ( str2int(tx_start) + str2int(tx_end) ) % tickets 

This means that the winning ticket is decided by the starting transaction, the ending transaction and by the number of tickets in the jackpot. The winner will receive all FOO inside the jackpot (minus the house edge).

To start playing now visit

Bonus System

To encourage players to participate in the jackpot, a bonus is added to every jackpot. Initially 100 FOO will be added, which will half after a number of jackpots, until all FOO is distributed. Additionally bonus events will be held, which are announced on the @foojackpot STEEM account.

House Edge

The house will receive 1% of every jackpot for maintenance and development costs.

Swiping Jackpots

To prevent players from swiping bonuses from jackpots with very few tickets, the bonus tickets contributed by the @foojackpotx account are counted as real tickets. This may result in the @foojackpotx account to win a jackpot. In that case the full jackpot (minus the house edge) will be added to the next jackpot round.


The game is provably fair and fairness can be checked easily by performing calculations as described above.


Besides the initial distribution the FOO token will be distributed through an airdrop. Starting from the time of the introduction post you have three days to complete one of the following actions to claim your share of the FOO token:

  • Resteem this post and you will receive 100 FOO for every 1000 followers you have
  • Upvote this post and write a short comment to receive 10 FOO
  • Write a post about FOO Jackpot and receive between 100 and 1000 FOO if it meets certain quality criteria

How To Play

For participating in FOO Jackpot players are required to have a Steem account with a minimum of 1 FOO token. There are two ways for participating in a jackpot. Players can either send FOO directly to the @foojackpotd account e.g. through Steem Keychain or players can participate through the web interface on


The top left card of the FOO Jackpot web interface shows the current status of the jackpot. If the jackpot is currently not running or processing the last round this is indicated by a textual info. Otherwise the card shows the number of tickets currently in the jackpot and the number of blocks left in the current round. Players can login to the page through te button on the top right, which will open a dialog.


Here players can choose to login either with Steemconnect or by using Steem Keychain. In the latter case a Steem username has to be entered before clicking on Keychain. When using Steemconnect to login you may additionally have to authorize foojackpot to do posting operations if you want to buy tickets through the web interface. This can be done through

After successfully logging in to FOO Jackpot a card with the current FOO balance will be shown. If you don't have any FOO yet you can purchase some on To logout simply click on your username on the top right and on logout.

If a jackpot round is currently running you will see two cards in the second row. With the first you can purchase tickets for the current jackpot using FOO.


The second card shows your purchased tickets in the current jackpot round and your chances of winning the jackpot. Below that the winners of the last jackpot rounds are shown.

In case you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

In the meantime have fun playing and look out for other cool stuff.



I also gamble only on Sundays!


We can lose together whilst drinking tea until February :)

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Very Cool! Will be interesting to see how high this jackpot gets!!

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I only gamble on Sunday.

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