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RE: [Airdrop] Claim $0.36-36$ Each Day With Just One Click! Up to $2469 for Referrals! Collect -> SELL for STEEM -> GG

in #airdrop2 years ago

Ich habe die App runtergeladen.
Anschließend wurde von mir verlangt, Zugriff auf meine Telefonkontakte zu erlauben.
Das habe ich verweigert.
Seid dem kann ich "invite friends" nicht mehr benutzen.
Ist das bei Euch auch so?


Hey @filosof103,

Sorry but I don't speak German, can you please translate?

I downloaded the app.
Subsequently, I was required to allow access to my telephone contacts.
I refused that.
For that I can no longer use "invite friends".
Is that the same with you?

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't encounter any requirements to allow access of my contacts so I wouldn't know. Did you manage to get over the issue?

Yes, thanks.

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