New AIRDROP PROGRAM for the hot crypto-gaming project — CryptonsGame has just launched!

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Cryptons Team has decided to start their AIRDROP PROGRAM and reward active community members with free QST Tokens. $10,000 worth of QST Tokens is ready for the taking!

Cryptons Team designed it to be simple, fun and engaging! That way receiving free QST Tokens is a piece of cake! How it works exactly? Well, see for yourselves!

First of all, sign up for the AIRDROP, by filling the Application Form: . Then all you need to do is:

  1. Join Cryptons Telegram Group here: Every person to enter the community will receive 2 free QST TOKENS.

  2. Invite other people. For each person you get to join Telegram, you will receive additional 2 QST TOKENS. The invited person has to fill in your e-mail address as their Referrer in their application form.

  3. Engage in the community. Pay attention to the discussion and enter easy contests. A few times a week a new ‘mission’ will be posted by our admins. Once you complete it, and qualify for the prize, QST tokens will be transferred to your wallet.

It’s simple as that. Cryptons Team announced that their AIRDROP PROGRAM 1.0 will remain active till the 16 April 2018. Total supply of QST Tokens ready to be distributed during this Airdrop is set at 50.000 QST.

So, of you would like to take part in this project and receive free QST Tokens for simple social activities, join Cryptons Airdrop Program.

Learn more about the Cryptons Game at

For more information considering the Airdrop Program visit:

Contact Cryptons Team at: [email protected]

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