Free Tokens! - Cryptogrind's Airdop Picks - No 68: Brain Space (IMP)

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Cryptogrind's Airdop Picks: Brain Space (IMP) ..... .....


Brain Space is an international multi-platform for talent promotion, IP protection and further popularization of cultural values authors in the modern market. They are are giving away airdrops as part of their launch campaign.

Follow these steps to claim your airdrops

  • Click here to start

  • Register an account on platform's website.

  • Verify email address.

  • Click on ''Bounty'' on platform.

  • Add your Bitcointalk username and your Bitcointalk URL.

  • Click on ''Settings''.

  • Add your Ethereum wallet address.

  • Post a proof of participation in Bitcointalk with the following details:

  • Follow on Twitter .

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Good Luck!


Thanks for sharing, upvoted you!

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