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RE: [Airdrop] Claim $0.36-36$ Each Day With Just One Click! Up to $2469 for Referrals! Collect -> SELL for STEEM -> GG

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1,000 Vite would be worth $36.
Is this possible, or they just put it as a bait and only give you 10 Vite?

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I only claimed it once so I can't confirm yet but it should be possible. Will let you know when I get it :D

are you familiar with facuets ? :) It is the same basic concept as Vite :) You can add this in your claims lists. :) check it out ---- >


btw dude :) I already done it :) I used you as my referrer :) Thanks for sharing ! :) <3

They list their winners on the app and it looks like one person wins 1000 every couple of days

This sounds like rigged. I knew it’s a bait...

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You still get $0.30 a day

Yes, but it disgusts me that they put between a certain interval of numbers when offering only the lower end. Just put what you offer...

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They did say what they offer "0.36 to 36". If they dont always give 0.36 then only putting "0.36" would be inaccurate. Even if you dont get 36 very often its still accurate to put "0.36 to 36".

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It's for real. I've referred some of my friends and been claiming my daily VITE for the last couple of weeks.

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