Join the Outside In Equinox Festival, the First Event-Driven Airdrop

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Join the “Outside In Equinox” on September 21-23 for the first music festival to feature a token airdrop. Attendees will receive the new cryptocurrency Karmex (KMX), created with a “Proof-of-Experience” protocol that rewards users for sharing events and activities together. Outside In Equinox will be the first opportunity to receive and use KMX for both creators and ‘experiencers’.

The festival’s mission is to build a new economy by the people, for the people that banishes the central bank-controlled economy run by the .01 percent. Featuring likeminded, world-class music, art, sound and lighting talent, along with a refreshing lineup of speakers and workshops, the inaugural festival at Live Oak Campground will introduce a new, community-minded cryptocurrency called Karmex (KMX).

Name: Outside In Equinox
Date and Location: September 21-23, 2018. Live Oak Campground, Santa Barbara

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Wow "proof of experience." Projects are getting very creative in their use of blockchain. Neat idea. I like how attendees of the festival will receive an airdrop of the token as well. Seems like a good way to distribute some of their tokens and create a buzz.


Exactly this. It's exciting to see typically mundane aspects such as airdrops being executed in creative ways.




hahaha love it

This is my first time hearing of the whole proof of experience thing. It seems like a very interesting idea/function it forces more involvement in investors which is a pretty good idea as far as community building. I have resteemed and upvoted for exposure. Thanks for the great post.

It would be good to give more tokens if you don't take pictures or videos during the show :-)