How your sharing & liking affect the ranks of articles on CBNT, and the benefit allocation in this community.

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CBNT is a decentralized professional content sharing community.
All participants, including content/articles providers, content readers (viewer), ad publishers, and token holders will share the 100% benefit on this platform.
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In the CBNT ecosystem, CBNT token holders can not only benefit from the appreciation of the token but also share the platform incentives. The advertising system is just one foundation of the entire CBNT value ecosystem.

The value of high-quality content on CBNT mainly comes from the mining behavior of viewers. The value weight of viewer’s mining is mainly composed of the following factors:

Token Amount
Part of the mining value of the viewers is derived from the number of tokens held. The more tokens held, the higher the weight of the mining value and the more the mining incentives will be rewarded in the future.

Contribution Value
Each user has his own contribution value (similar to Alipay Sesame Credit Score), which is mainly used to measure how much the user contributes to the community. The contribution value has nothing to do with the number of tokens held and the number of tokens locked but gains from commenting, liking, sharing, and other activities. It is gradually accumulated and improved from long-term participation on the platform. The higher the contribution value, the higher the “credit score” the user will have on the platform, and the contribution value is directly proportional to the mining incentive. If the user wants to share more mining incentives, he needs to continuously improve his contribution value.

Secondly, the behavior of evaluating the value of high-quality content is forwarding and sharing. Users can share good-quality content with friends and can also be shared with social media. When sharing is successful, it records mining behavior, and the content value will also increase.

Readers that write quality comments on content. If the comment is liked by others, both the reviewer and the author can be rewarded mining incentives, and the contribution value of the reviewer will be added as the number of likes increases. (Users can only get like incentives if they like and comment on the content, and if their comment is liked, they can get the contribution value and the like incentives. This will encourage users to make more high-quality comments but not spam content. )

Every effective like on high-quality content (both users with a higher contribution value and users with lower contribution value) can increase the value of your content's mining incentives.

CB Value
Each viewer has limited mining capability. Each mining will consume a certain CB value. The CB value is only used to control whether the mining behavior can be rewarded, rather than the parameters for controlling the mining behavior. The content mining will consume a certain CB value each time, and 100 points will be added to the CB value every 24 hours. When the CB value is insufficient, users can continue to like the content, but the like does not contribute to the improvement of the content value and the CB value is not reduced.

Mining Behavior Rank
In order to encourage the viewers and communicators who reveal high-quality content, the sooner the users mine content (sharing, commenting, and liking), the more content mining incentives they will receive. For example, for the future value distribution of the same content, the mining incentives will decrease based on the order of likes.

Based on the held token amount, contribution value, mining behavior (likes/shares/comments etc.) and the mining behavior rank, the mining incentive value will be calculated.

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