Bryllite Airdrop Event! [13.11.2019-26.11.2019]

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[Bryllite #Airdrop_Event]

Beyond the game boundary!

Hello This is #Bryllite!

Opening game of Bryllite is around the corner!

Soon you will meet the pre-booking of games with Bryllite! (Make some noise!!! YEYYY!!)

There is a GOOD NEWS that makes your pockets heavier~ 🌟

The Airdrop Event will be started in the Bryllite Facebook page! (clap clap clap 👏👏👏)

Raise your hands!

Bryllite’s gonna shoot! For what?! 🤩The coins~!~!🤩

Bryllite will distribute the coins for the all who thumbs up Bryllite Facebook page during the Event period! 🤭 🤭 😮 😮

😍Event period : 13.11.2019 (Wed)~26.11.2019 (Tue)👈

🌟 How to participate the Event! 🌟

  1. THUMBS UP the Bryllite Facebook page.
  2. Sign in the Bryllite wallet ‘Bring’ and register the coin address (Bring Download link : )
    3 ) Remain your ‘Bring’ wallet email in the Event post in Facebook
  3. Event Rewards : 100 BRC for all!


  • the coin rewards will be sent on 28th November
  • You SHOULD MAKE your COIN ADDRESS or register your existing coin address after you sign in the ‘Bring’ wallet to get the reward, unless you cannot get the coin.
  • You will be excluded from the scope of the event reward if an abusing action is detected.
  • Even you are already following Bryllite Facebook page or having 'Bring' wallet account, you can participate the event without any of limits.

You will get the reward 100% only with Facebook Following and Wallet sign-in!
This is just a piece of cake.. you should try it! Don’t miss your free airdrop coins!
Bryllite loves your participation and attention. 🥰😘

Bryllite Facebook page :

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