Bitpie and 21DICE Airdrop Cooperation

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Dear Bitpiers,

Bitpie and 21DICE have started their Airdrop Cooperation. Therefore, over 210K of TOD will be given away, every Bitpie user can receive 1000TOD by filling in the form (amount limited, subject to availability). After the Airdrop Project is completed Bitpie will transfer the tokens to all the users at the same time.

Claim deadline: 05.12.2018 11:59 p.m. (UTC+8 Beijing time)

Airdrop Claim Steps:

  1. Follow @BitpieWallet on Twitter;

  2. Click on this link:;

  3. Fill in the form with your account information.

Thank you for supporting Bitpie and follow us to stay tuned for our upcoming events.

Bitpie Team,

December 5, 2018

Find us on:


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