Cryptosoul Airdrop Phase 2, WOOSHCOIN ROUND 2, IUNO Airdrop

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Cryptosoul Airdrop

Cryptosoul Airdrop phase 2 only 11 days left to distribution if you did not joined yet join now

crypto soul.png

  1. Signup to their site Link
  2. Verified your email id
  3. Complete all the social task
  4. If you complete level 3 id verification you will earn 15 point extra(3000 Cryptosoul) and their will be no withdraw limit.

crypt s.png

For Id verification you only need passport/driving license/government issued id card any of this and a selfy of your holding your id and a piece of paper 'cryptosoul and today's date written on it

If you joined Cryptosoul Airdrop phase 1 you can claim your token now. in your cyptosoul profile you will found a withdraw section just add your Ethereum wallet address and withdraw it will take upto 6 hours

'WOOSHCOIN ROUND 2" 12000 coin

Wooshcoin airdrop round 1 already complete and coin distribution completed now round 2 is going on

  1. Open this google form Link
  2. Read all the details carefully
  3. Complete all social task and submit your details

IUNO is airdropping 50 IUNIT

  1. Open this Airdrops. io page Link
  2. Join them on twitter and telegram
  3. Submit all your details in that page
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