Thank you! Enjoy the free crypto. Your complementary one STEEM is on its way and will be in your wallet before you get the chance to read this comment, or more precisely in three seconds :D

Hahahaha just saw it. Cheers.

Have a good one!

You too. Quick question though, is at rewards enquiry i will have to go claim those daily rewards and the ones in an hour or?... Coz it's saying the page can't be loaded.
P.s Looking forward to the future you'll airdrops be sharing.

There is only one type of reward which can be claimed first time after waiting for one hour, after that you can claim it again every 24 hours.

Did you get it to work?

Awesome! You are the first one to give some feedback on it, thanks! Will do my best to showcase the most profitable airdrops out there.

Did you get it to work?

Nah man, still nothing

That's strange.... You should send them an email inquiring about a solution.