GET 50 Gree for free it's a trusted airdrop.... DON'T MISS IT....

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بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

خاص بالمتداولين:

لاتضيع فرصة هاد الايردروپ الرائع يعطيك 50 قطعة من عملة گرينيش كوين مجانا،
للتسجيل و الاستفادة من الايردروپ ادخل على الرابط اسفله.

Greenish is a fixed monthly allowance plan platform bonding with cryptocurrency assets, powered by smart contracts. Greenish is rated 3,9 by Track ICO.

Greenish is airdropping 50 GREE tokens for signing up on site. ICO token price: 1 GREE = 0,1 USD

How to join?

  1. Sign up on :

  2. Verify your email (verification mail takes a few minutes to arrive)

  3. You will see 50 GREE on your dashboard


This pic shows to you balance


Estimated value: ~$5

حظ سعيد للجميع ايردروپ موثوق

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