$1 MILLION AIRCOIN AIRDROPS: Bounty Reports Day 4, Top Referrers, New Video Uploaded, Steemit Post Integration, And Lots More!

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First of all, if you are yet to join the Bounty Campaign to grab your AIRCOIN hurry now to https://Airdrops.myairclinic.com to enter now!

You are welcome to the Day 4 reports of one of the most loved utility token on the Steem Blockchain. Imagine getting paid for living a healthy life! Imagine getting free healthcare! Imagine earning Steem for doing things you never expected. Now it's no longer an imagination, ITS REAL!

Air-Clinic is a decentralized App(DApp) built on the Steem blockchain to provide innovative solutions to the challenges of the healthcare system worldwide. Our smart "Proof of Health" protocol is combined with steem's "Proof of brain" algorithm to yield awesomeness.

$1 Million AIRCOIN Airdrops/Bounty Campaign


Our Airdrops is about rewarding users for social media actions. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Medium, Steemit, Discord and even visiting website / reading info about Air Clinic. There's also referral link and bonuses involved.

Here's a little summary

ENTRIES - 8200+
ACTIONS - 2500+


In the tradition of this bounty, we will be reporting the winners of our TOP REFERRER CONTEST and awarding a generous $30 AIRCOIN to the No. 1 Referrer. See Table of top 10 below.

UsernameNo. of Referrals

To encourage more fierce competition for the top users, we will be giving away MORE AIRCOIN DAILY IN THIS BOUNTY!

1st - The referral bonus has been increased to 10 ENTRIES per new registered referral. (It was worth 5 entries previously).

2nd - The daily bonus to the top referrer is 30 AIRCOIN to be transferred immediately to the user's in-App wallet. Begins counting from today...

3rd - We also encourage everyone to repeat their daily actions and earn the DAILY BONUS which we have increased to 5 entries. (It was worth 2 entries previously)



2- STEEMIT COMMENT: 5 entries


4- TELEGRAM GROUP : 5 entries

5- SHOW YOUR WALLET (Screenshot your in-App wallet and upload it on Steemit. Then write a little bit about how you earned what you have in the wallet) :20 entries! (Coming soon!)

6- Everyday, there will be new tasks related to health and well-being for you to do and earn more!

Remember that we have $1 Million AIRCOIN allocated for this Bounty Campaign.



Download our Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.clinic.android
Join our AIRDROPS/Bounty Campaign: https://airdrops.myairclinic.com
Visit our website: https://myairclinic.com
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/rqded5m
Join us on WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/1h5m4tsLpniJRQG2YThFIQ
Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FH89yhHAxJMIfGn1eMRGmA
Follow us on Twitter: https://Twitter.com/myAirClinic
Follow us on Facebook: https://Facebook.com/airclinic1
Follow us on Medium: https://medium.com/@AirClinic
Read our whitepaper: https://myairclinic.com/whitepaper.html

If you have a previous version of our Android App, please re-download and install!
Remember to go to the register page and input your Ethereum Wallet Address!


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I would love to delegate 100 SP to your community and will do the airdrops and bounty as well. How can I delegate?


Hello @Mermaidvampire!
Alright! That would be great. Use this link to delegate 100sp: https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegatee=air-clinic&vesting_shares=100%20SP

Feel free to join the Bounty Campaign with this link: https://airdrops.myairclinic.com

Live Healthy, Get Wealthy! 🏥💛💲


I'm still waiting to get 100SP, I'm at 95 now. Hahaha! Thanks! I just posted about the bounty, I hope it helps inform other Steemians about it. Have a nice day.


Gotcha! ^_^


Thank you for delegating! Check the AIRCOIN Leaderboard on the App for your name.

Awesome project

I wasn't aware about the referral program. I will have a look
I have got it and started getting the entry.
Hope that more and more users will come to know about this

I knew it that airclinic is going to turn to something else that will definitely add impact in the crypto industry, after seeing their organized method of conducting occasaions on steemit, back then when they have not yet launched. Aircoin to the moon!!!

Thank you, I'm late with information about this. I will go hunting 😊😁

Wow thanks alot for the constant update ..
First ever free airclinic on the platform,
And its just so amazing it pays too ..so for me i believe this is the best of its kind ever.

Wahhh. This is an extraordinary thing. Besides we can get a lot of knowledge about health, we can also get tokens in it. I really like health. And I always look for applications that can launch about health. Finally I found it. And I am very happy and like it. For now I will launch about health through the air clinic. Hopefully in the future, air clinics will be more successful

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Air-clinic has big plans for the blockchain and thus, shouldn't be taken lightly. The team means business and every step taken is geared towards achieving success. I am very happy to be a part of this awesome project!

Air-clinic beyond the moon!!! 💯

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Everyday am making serious move to initiate my friends a make them to become part of Air-clinic

great idea and magnificent project ... forward all!!!

Excelent initiative!

Lovely concept, I must say that @air-clinic has really being useful in dealing with relative health issues so far on the Blockchain. ..

Wow... I am little late discovering these airdrop.

a very good project, hopefully more advanced and successful

Thanks for the updates, what a great project with good concept

thanks for the constant updates @air-clinic

I just delegate 100 sp! Doing the bounty and airdrops now. This is exciting. Cheers! 🥂


Thank you for delegating to Air-Clinic!
Please check the AIRCOIN LEADERBOARD on our App to see your name and congruent monthly rewards!

Wait, is it 1 million aircoin or $1 million in aircoin?

we need more projects like this

This one's really awesome from you air-clinic. You see, we can live healthy , while earning , sharing and enjoying , thumbs up to the whole team! 👏❤️❤️❤️

One of the most unique projects i have ever seen! Doing bounty now.

nice project you have there
i hope i can still have some referrals,hehe

I love the caption. Let's be healthy and wealthy!

nice project..aim is to primarily save lives by modern modality that is proven effective..

I like the vision of this platform where we can share our health status, if others read about our condition, maybe they can also give us some tips or guidelines to make our health in good condition.

You say there is a video to watch so we can learn more about aircoin but I can't find a video link anywhere??


Here's a video about our App:


This is an amazing airdrop

AIRCOIN​ is the smart media token

After the airdrops what next?

very nice project and I already Delegate 10 SP to this project.