$1 Million AIRCOIN Airdrops/Bounty Campaign | MORE WAYS TO EARN MORE TOKENS!!!

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Live Healthy, Get Wealthy! 🏥💛💲

We started our $1 Million AIRCOIN Airdrops/Bounty Campaign on 21st August, 2018! It has been massive so far with over 5000 entries and over 300 participants!

The excitement for our token is amazing. Our goal is to spread FREE HEALTHCARE throughout the entire world. We are giving people a way to earn Cryptocurrency which they can in turn use to seek healthcare services and products.

Blockchain technology is here to stay and we are happy to be a part of this great big world. The Steem blockchain in particular is a gem and we are proud to be building here.


Our Airdrops is about rewarding users for social media actions. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Medium, Steemit, Discord and even visiting website / reading info about Air Clinic. There's also referral link and bonuses involved.

Here's a little summary

ENTRIES - 5400+
ACTIONS - 1700+


We are very much interested in the number of referrals which each person is able to bring. That shows work input.

UsernameNo. of Referrals

To encourage more fierce competition for the top users, we will be giving away MORE AIRCOIN DAILY IN THIS BOUNTY!

1st - The referral bonus has been increased to 10 ENTRIES per new registered referral. (It was worth 5 entries previously).

2nd - The daily bonus to the top referrer is 30 AIRCOIN to be transferred immediately to the user's in-App wallet. Begins counting from today...

3rd - We also encourage everyone to repeat their daily actions and earn the DAILY BONUS which we have increased to 5 entries. (It was worth 2 entries previously)


1- TELEGRAM GROUP : It's worth 5 entries

2- STEEMIT FOLLOW: It's worth 5 entries

3- STEEMIT POST UPVOTE & RESTEEM: It's worth 10 entries

4- SHOW YOUR WALLET (Screenshot your in-App wallet and upload it on Steemit. Then write a little bit about how you earned what you have in the wallet) : it's worth 20 entries!

5- Everyday, there will be new tasks related to health and well-being for you to do and earn more!

Remember that we have $1 Million AIRCOIN allocated for this Bounty Campaign.


AIR-CLINIC ---> Medical care | Token rewards | Social activity

Download our Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.clinic.android
Join our AIRDROPS/Bounty Campaign: https://airdrops.myairclinic.com
Visit our website: https://myairclinic.com
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/rqded5m
Follow us on Twitter: https://Twitter.com/myAirClinic
Follow us on Facebook: https://Facebook.com/airclinic1
Follow us on Medium: https://medium.com/@AirClinic
Read our whitepaper: https://myairclinic.com/whitepaper.html

If you have a previous version of our Android App, please re-download and install!
Remember to go to the register page and input your Ethereum Wallet Address!



Great project! I am delighted to see this. Thanks for the opportunity to have free tokens.
Please when is the token sales starting?

Please like my post on Steemit.


Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding (https://www.crowdholding.com). They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITF, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

Soon we'll be thanking @nairadaddy for thia great project😊 wAIRdone sir.

Wow. This is going great. Am proud to be part of the bounty. Go airclinic.
I even had a conversation with the doctor on duty and the reaponse was fast. Weldone team airclinic

Thank you! Glad that our Doctor on Duty helped you out. 🏥💛💲

Yes. And now i am feeling even better from his/her prescription

Health is worth more than gold, AIRC clinic will be worth a lot for the vision that health is within reach of all excellent opportunity for all

The much anticipated Air-clinic Airdrop is finally here

The target is to meet the target!

Airclinic is really changing lives... Kudos to the organizers...

Wow wow... Amazing indeed. I really participated in this airdrop like never before and I'm still eager to be active in it. Thank you @air-clinic

I am really enjoying this. Nice one @air-clinic team. Loving you guys.

Really great project, thoroughly approve of it and appears to be taking off! Keep up the good work!!

AirClinic is really doint a great project, glad i am part of the early adopters of this amazing project.

Airdrops on grab yours now https://wn.nr/hZShzd

Air-clinic is the application everyone should download. Once its about health am in.

The much anticipated air drop is finally here

There is so much more coming for air clinic

Air coin to the moon

I'm glad to be a part of airclinic. I learn so much from the articles. I'm hoping to chat a doc soon.

Air clinic is really changing lives

We gonna exceed the moon
It's just a matter of time airclinic will surely touch millions of lives

This getting more interesting......
This is my first time of participating actively in an airdrop activity
I hope it turns out great😍

Air-clinic rocks.

The bounty is really wonderful.

Wow, am impressed

This amazing guys, good work.
Finally we have a hospital care service running on the blockchain.

Airclinic is Great project. It will be a huge success.

Excited when this project is going full operational.

Wow. Im currently writing about airdrops and this is my number one pick. I love the new added ways to earn more.

Airclinic really doing best job !!!!!!!

Air-clinic rocks!

Interesting finding platform like this that gives you easy access to health care.

Exciting project

Nice initiative from @air-clinic

Very interesting project!

Amazing project. I just have my doctor at the tip of my hand. Thanks to airclinic

Aircoin to the moon

God bless the team

Interested in it..
Its cool

This is really a fantastic project..

How do i join the telegram group


Use it to participate and join from there to get rewarded for joining.

Was among 1st 200 participants, the medical system is about to be revolutionize with the introduction of blockchain technology Aircoin will provide alot of services to the medical community

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