Agrolot Project – a blockchain decentralized B2B platform

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Agrolot Platform – a blockchain bridge between producers and consumers of agricultural products

Globalization and the development of technologies in the agricultural sector have led to the fact that small and medium-sized businesses have the opportunity to directly enter the market to trade with almost any of the world's countries. However, along with the emergence of new opportunities, new problems arose:

  • The need for highly qualified lawyers and economists;
  • The need for a thorough understanding of the international trade peculiarities;
  • Lack of production capacity;
  • High risks in the conclusion of transactions, the possibility of fraud;
  • Presence of a large number of intermediaries;
  • Bureaucracy.

In addition, most transactions are still carried out according to a scheme in which the major part of cash flows to intermediaries. In the classical scheme between the manufacturer and the consumer (Final Consumer), there is a chain of 2-4 intermediaries, which take up to 25-35% fee. This leads to a rise in the price of the product, long delivery periods and increased risks in work.

Blockchain as the way to solve the problem

An alternative approach to international trade is being actively developed. Now, transactions can take place directly between the manufacturer and the end user, and for compliance with all arrangements, a special mathematically programmed smart contract is met.

This is exactly the solution Agrolot offers - a young start-up, whose main task is to become a reliable bridge between producers and consumers of agricultural products.

The Agrolot blockchain platform offers a comprehensive solution in the field of international trade in agro products and food products, which will allow producers and consumers from anywhere in the world to conduct safe and secure transactions directly, without intermediaries.

Technically, Agrolot is a decentralized B2B-based trading platform that operates on the basis of smart contracts and blockchain technology. With help of this service, entrepreneurs can safely enter new markets, and consumers can get products for a lower price.

Key features of the Agrolot blockchain platform

  • The platform completely excludes intermediaries, which reduces the cost of the product for the end user and reduces the risks for the manufacturer;
  • All transactions on the platform are carried out using smart contracts. This guarantees protection against fraud and timely execution of contractual obligations by all parties of the transaction;
  • The use of blockchain technology makes the trading process as transparent and safe as possible;
  • Financial transactions take place instantly and with minimal commissions;
  • The project team successfully fulfills all stages stated in the road map;
  • The internal crypto currency of the platform (OFIR) will not be traded on external exchanges, which excludes a third-party influence on its rate;
  • The global agricultural sector is constantly growing, which increases the value of the Agrolot developments;
  • The platform effectively solves the problems of producers and consumers, acting as a guarantor from the moment the contract is concluded until the customer receives the necessary products.

To raise funds for the development of the project, the creators of Agrolot chose the primary location of the tokens (ICO). A total of 100 million AGLT tokens will be issued. You can still have time to participate in the ICO-campaign of this project. Here are the official dates of the token sale:

15.06-19.06 - Private Sale

20.06-29.06 - Pre-Sale

01.07-30.07 - Public Sale

The official site of the Agrolot platform is


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Its revolustion in bloclchain tecnology
Hope we will see the best future of blockchain

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