Heads up steemians, TRON official airdrop here, earn up to 3333 free TRX

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TRON founder has announced its TVM lunch (TRON Virtual Machine) and is holding an airdrop contest. Rule are quite simple and you can have a chance of earning free TRX up to 3333 units.


You can watch the explanation video here : https://t.co/WjyFuccvyi

So don't waist anymore time, it's money, use my referral link blow to register for the contest.

My referral link here : http://wshe.es/PjlQfofC?wp-rc=PF1KUsxAsd7o1QvYjindLuUN

Long live the pioneers.

Wish you best.



Please remove your link or we must flag you for spamming.



Thanks for replying. I'm quite new here. What is this comment about?
What link is it mentioning?
Can you tell me?

Apologies for the intrusion on your post, I just gave you a $0.03 upvote and resteemed your post. If you want you can delete your comment and I will delete mine (I can't otherwise)

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The link above is about:

  • admin finding out that @resteem.bot steals and that good part of his followers are fake
  • other free resteem services complaining that they are constantly downvoted by resteem.bot. He tries to stop them before they grow or he would get damaged since he charges for the same service.

Dude, no need to apologize, thanks for informing me.
Also grateful for the resteem.
Thanks again.

What link?


The link that you spammed under our posting.


Thank you sir. I just registered :)

You're welcome bro. Hope you get the most out of it.

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